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Fiat's Warranty Programs...Basic to Maximum Care Warranty Coverage

The Many Fiat Warranty Coverage Packages. 

Shopping for a new Fiat or looking to extend the warranty of your current Fiat? Fiat offers several upgrades to their standard warranty program which I will cover below. The Basic Fiat Warranty covers 4-years and 50,000 miles and includes Roadside Assistance. 

The Standard Fiat Warranty Program for Fiat 500 & Abarth

  • 4-year/50,000 Basic Limited Warranty
  • Includes 5-years/100,00 miles Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty (Outer Panel) 
  • Includes 4-years Roadside Assistance (Lockout, Towing, Batter Jump, Flat Tire, Fuel-max.2 gallons)

The Upgradeable Warranty Programs:

  • Fiat Powertrain Care Plus Warranty - Coverage for repairs on over 400 components.
    • Covered areas include: Engine, Steering, Transmission, A/C and Driveline (see image below for full details) 
  • Fiat Added Care Plus Covered Warranty - Coverage for repairs on over 800 components.
    • Includes Engine Cooling, Fuel System, Electrical, Front & Rear Suspension, Brakes, Instrumentation, Power & Luxury Group (see image for full details)  
  • Fiat Maximum Care Warranty - Coverage for repairs on over 5,000 components. 
    • Body Mechanisms, Manual Interior Mechanisms, Safety & Security, All Electrical, All Engine & Body Computers, Shocks, Torsion Bars, Engine Mounts, Factory Accessories, All Seat, Hood, Trunk Liftgate and Door Mechanisms. (see image for all of the details covered)  

Visit Ramsey Fiat's Website to learn more about the different Warranty packages available for the complete Fiat Model Lineup.

Link to Ramsey Fiat's Blog article on the Fiat Warranty Programs:

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