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ODO Club - Reward Your Best Customers 2

by Ralph Paglia ODO Club - Reward Your Best Customers 2

ODOclub mobile sports group automotive-case-study-001

by Ralph Paglia

ODO club-automotive-case-studies-8-728

by Ralph Paglia

ODOclub Its Easy

by Ralph Paglia

ODOclub Reward Your Best Customers

by Ralph Paglia

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Is Creating Videos for Your Social Brand Really That Difficult?

Many feel video creation and posting videos socially can be difficult or you will need special equipment and skills which causes some to resist using this powerful strategy.

Often times, this resistance can be attributed to being seen as imperfect; not knowing where to start, or why videos are important when branding.…

Austin Texas Automotive Marketing Workshop

Join Brian Pasch on July…

Write Service Podcast: Episode 36- How to Interview Service Advisors

This week, Jeff continues his series on how to find and hire service advisors. Whether it is finding grammatical errors on resumes or some key signals during the actual interview, there are some crucial points to look out for. Stay tuned to hear Jeff's top 4 points during the interview! Write them down, use them, and let us know how successful your advisor search turns out to be! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan


You Do Not Need to Brand Yourself Alone

Working inside a dealership as the owner, manager, sales or service professional, is a full-time job and if you have started to personally brand yourself, you may have noticed that personal branding is a full-time job too.

There is no faking it: personal branding can be difficult to do,…

ADM Professional Community Videos

Changing in stock date for used cars? I can't believe I had this conversation with a dealer.


In this Facebook live quick tip, Jasen Rice from Lotpop goes over if you should change the instock date for a used car if it takes too long to get ready for…

Is Facebook Important to Automotive Marketing?


CEO & Executive Chairman Scot Eisenfelder shares his opinion on Facebook's importance to automotive marketing.

Focus on Missed Calls


Chief Product Officer Michael Markette explains the importance of paying attention to missed calls for your dealership.

Automotive Digital Marketing Member Pricing For Internet Sales 20 Group 11


Automotive Digital Marketing Member Pricing For Internet Sales 20 Group #11 in Miami June 11-13, 2018.

'On Air' - Tier 4 Marketing in Auto Retail Marketing with Ralph Paglia


'On Air' - Tier 4 Marketing in Auto Retail Marketing with Ralph Paglia

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What To Do When You Find Rust

Proper rust prevention helps keep a vehicle's body in top condition to help the vehicle maintain its value over time. To avoid a hit in budget, practice smart rust prevention methods and learn how to repair small rusted spots.Courtesy of CleanToolsSee More
Jun 11
Carmen Fiordirosa is now a member of Automotive Media Partners, LLC
Jun 11

Featured Blog Articles from the ADM Professional Community

Multi-Tasking is a Myth

What’s the definition of multi-tasking? It's doing a lot of things at once, and most often, that means doing them poorly.
In fact, research proves that multi-tasking is largely a myth; our brains are not wired to focus on multiple things at once. Studies show that multi-tasking ruins productivity,…

Learnings from an Analysis of 10,000,000 Car Shopper Search Queries

Your keywords, of course, are vital to your digital strategy. That's why you need to select and prioritize keywords from local car shopper searches. Any smart marketing agency will use its own network of dealerships to determine the most effective way to net new traffic and leads.

So, we…

Top Considerations Before You Drive a Used Vehicle off a Dealership Lot

You don’t want to be stuck with a lemon when buying a used car. If you’re purchasing from a dealership, there are some factors that you should be aware of before agreeing to the sale. Here are four considerations to make before driving a used vehicle off the lot.

Any Hidden Damage


A Sale is Not a Sprint or a Marathon... it's a Relay Race!

“When you get the customer in, you’ve got to slow them down.”
This is a very common saying that is meant to allow the salesperson control of a customer in the store. People feel by slowing a shopper down, they are able to make them go through the organization's road…

Information: A Key Component to Increasing Sales & CSI

These days, the most competitive dealerships win the game by being transparent and finding ways to quickly provide customers with the information they request.


In the not too distant past, prior to the Internet, dealerships had all the information and consumers had little or none. However,…

Blog Posts

Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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Getting more buyers to your dealership!

If this is what you need and do not want to spend a arm and a leg and do not like contracts, get in touch with me, we have the best platform out there, and MANY dealer referrals to back that up, not ones just written out, on their letter heads! We are 100% performance based!

Twitter For Car Dealers

Hello all!

Some useful info about whether or not should dealers use Twitter to promote their inventory. …

How Do You Define Management Competency?

Successful dealerships strive to recruit, hire, and retain the best-available management talent. Once that talent is on board, effective performance management processes must be in place to provide these yet-unproven (to us) managers with feedback on their work results and to ensure that they are receiving the tools and support to become high achievers. So I always ask my potential client-dealers to describe their method of evaluating the overall competence of the…

Las Vegas Casino Workers’ Union: Visitors Should Not Sexually Harass Workers

Las Vegas casino workers’ union is calling on conference visitors to not sexually harass workers

Las Vegas, NV - In a survey conducted by UNITE HERE’s Culinary and Bartender Unions of over 10,000 Las Vegas casino workers: 59% of cocktail servers and 27% of…

5 SEO Tips for Auto Dealers Selling Auto Parts Online

For any dealers that sell OEM parts, tires or wheels online, you may already know the auto parts SEO process is much different than for the front of the house.

Here are some tips to use on your own website.

Tip #1: Understand the Road to Purchase for auto parts SEO

The Road to Purchase for car parts can vary a…

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Simon Hopes posted a blog post

Simon Hopes posted a blog post

Does Car Color Matter?

When buying a new car, half the fun is choosing the color. If you shop used, you may not have as big a selection as shopping new, but you still have the power to wait for something you like to pop up. A lot of people worry about the exterior color of their car. Whether they just like the aesthetics of a specific color or they think others might draw too much attention, they put a lot of thought into the decision. From everyday drivers to dream cars, we all have an idea of what color we would like best. The million dollar question still stands: do certain car colors make them safer, affect their resale value, make them harder to maintain, or draw more unwanted attention? Safety People have debated for decades which car colors provide the most safety. Folktales will tell you that lighter, brighter colors make you more visible. People can see you better, especially in the dark. At least that’s the idea. Safety and its corresponding car colors can be complicated. Not only are there many studies on the subject, but the relationship between safety and car colors is more than just which colors are safer. You have to consider background colors comprised of trees or buildings, weather conditions, and light. While white is more visible at night, it’s not the best choice for snowy landscapes and cloudy skies. Gray cars blend in on foggy mornings. Red seems like it might be bright, but studies show that because they’re the same color as fire trucks, they tend to go relatively unnoticed. The bottom line is that no single color is the safest, and there’s no scientific evidence to suggest that any color is the best choice for safety. Resale Value and Insurance Where car color does matter is at the point you want to ensure it or resell it. Stick to colors that are neutral, because they’re the most popular and appeal to many different tastes. White, silver, gray, and black are the best options. Blue is also good. You should stay away from flashy colors like red or yellow because they’re less desirable. Trading in or selling your car is much easier if it’s neutral because it will appeal to more people. Dealerships know what sells, so they’re more inclined to purchase your vehicle if it aligns with what their customers want. The urban myth claiming that flashier colors are more expensive to insure is false. Insurance is one area where you shouldn’t worry about the color of your car at all. What matters is your driving record, the make and model, and how easy it is to repair. Theft When it comes to stealing cards, thieves also know what sells. Unfortunately, they’re looking for the exact colors you should be. Because popular colors like black, white, silver, and gray have great resale value, these are typically the colors that get stolen the most. However, that shouldn’t deter you from buying one of these colors. It’s just something to think about unless you want a pink Corvette or a purple Mustang. Maintenance Dark colors show scratches easier and are harder to maintain. It takes longer to polish and make it look good. If you’re not interested in spending a lot of time or money keeping your paint looking nice, black, dark blue, or darker shades of gray may not be the color for you. Silver, white, and light gray handle wear and tear better, and you can stand to neglect them for longer before they start to look old. If you care about the way your car looks or maintaining its newness but you don’t want to put forth the effort, stick with a lighter color that doesn’t show scratches. Perception To be honest, where car color matters most is in what you want. Your car says a lot about you. You may want a flashy color to stand out, or you may not care at all. Crazy colors like orange, lime, gold, or plum matter because the people who buy them know what they like. These types of colors are more common in exotic cars, and at that point, resale value and the cost of maintenance are irrelevant. You can find what you want at Southwest Motors, no matter what make, model, or color you need. Check out their used inventory today.See More

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Bill Wittenmyer's blog post was featured

Bill Wittenmyer's blog post was featured

Multi-Tasking is a Myth

What’s the definition of multi-tasking? It's doing a lot of things at once, and most often, that means doing them poorly. In fact, research proves that multi-tasking is largely a myth; our brains are not wired to focus on multiple things at once. Studies show that multi-tasking ruins productivity, causes mistakes and dampens creative thought. Yet, many people keep trying, simply because they have too much to do and too little time to do it in. The solution is simple: get your priorities straight and accept the fact that you won’t be able to do everything, because everything can’t be a priority. Whether you’re in sales or service at a dealership, your CRM can help you manage activities and complete tasks. But it can also overwhelm you if you’re not prioritizing correctly. If you log in every morning and see 100 tasks marked as “high priority,” you know you’ve got a problem. On the other hand, if your to-do list isn’t long enough you’ve got a problem as well. Most people have a longer list than they can get through. If you can breeze through your daily tasks with time to spare, you don’t have enough to do. To help prioritize what’s really important, take a step backward and focus on the big picture. The Pareto principle states that 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your work. The hard part is determining which 20 percent produces the results you want. Is your top priority to sell more cars, or is it to take care of customers’ needs? Taking care of your customers will always lead to more sales, but if you’re focusing on the sale you might not be taking care of the customer, giving them a poor experience with your business. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; taking care of your customer is always your No. 1 priority, so they don’t give their business elsewhere. Knowing this, create workflows and processes that focus on taking care of customers, and always flag these items in your CRM as your highest priority. When I have a list of phone calls to make, I always call customers back first. It might be more difficult to prioritize one customer over another. Are unsold showroom customers a higher priority than sold? Are customer-pay service customers a higher priority than warranty? What may seem obvious on the surface isn’t always; this is where you can use your CRM to run revenue reports that will shed light on who your current and potential VIP customers are. Yes, ideally you would take care of all customers equally. But it’s more crucial to take care of your loyal and repeat customers, ensuring that they get the red-carpet treatment every visit. For most people, the second priority is going to be their team. Your co-workers need information, approvals or advice in order to accomplish what they need to do. Almost every workflow in your store involves more than one person, which is why, after customers, your co-workers should be next on your list of tasks or callbacks. After your customers and co-workers are taken care of, then you can focus on priorities that will create new customers, such as filling your pipeline. If you’re in sales, this may seem counter-intuitive. Shouldn’t you always be prospecting? The reality is, if you prioritize and take care of your current and sold customers, you’ll get more referrals and sales than you would by chasing random leads.  Many productivity experts recommend having your priorities and task list for the next day all set before you go home at night. That way, first thing in the morning you can get to work instead of wasting time figuring out what to do first. I always recommend “eating the big frog first,” that is, tackling the most difficult and most important priorities first. Get that 20 percent of work that produces 80 percent of results out of the way. For this reason, try to avoid scheduling meetings and phone calls in the morning (unless they are part of the 20 percent). It’s important to establish priorities up front and verbalize them to staff, so everyone is working on the same page. Trying to prioritize tasks “on the fly” is not a good idea as it’s too easy to be swayed by outside influences. For example, when your boss says he or she needs a report on his desk ASAP, you might be tempted to immediately drop everything to do it, leaving a VIP customer’s need unmet. Also, revisit your priorities on a regular basis; at least annually if not quarterly. This is because your store’s priorities might change. If you’re trying to increase sales gross, you might decide to focus on CPO; if you want to increase customer-pay ROs, you might concentrate on fine-tuning digital marketing strategies. There is only so much time in a day, and you will never have more time than you do right now. Everything can’t be a priority, so allocate your time carefully and focus on what gets results.See More

Dane Saville's blog post was featured

Dane Saville's blog post was featured

Learnings from an Analysis of 10,000,000 Car Shopper Search Queries

Your keywords, of course, are vital to your digital strategy. That's why you need to select and prioritize keywords from local car shopper searches. Any smart marketing agency will use its own network of dealerships to determine the most effective way to net new traffic and leads.So, we sampled our network's Search Console data to review organic searches: 10 million total queries. We looked at two qualities:Number of words in queriesIf the dealership's geographic location was in their name (such as Boston Ford)Out of those queries:3.2 million did not source (Google privacy rules)3.9 million for dealerships with GEO in their name2.9 million for dealerships without GEO in their nameSo, What Did We Learn?Dealerships with GEO: 95% of queries were 1-5 words in length.Dealerships without GEO: 95% of queries were 1-4 words in length.Short-tail (fewer words) queries cleaned up on the impressions. That wasn't far enough. We wanted to understand their intent and saw a common theme among qualifiers in these searches:"for sale""near me" "2018"Car shoppers used short queries with modifiers that show intent, not long queries that indicate a general question or inquiry to learn more about a brand or model.Are Long Queries Useless?No. You want to prioritize those short-tail searches because they have stronger indicators that the person intends to buy. Once you've built your purpose pages that get the low-hanging fruit, you can use long-tail queries (6-10 words) to generate interest and capture more shoppers at the beginning of their journey.Here's what you really need to do next: know the volume of keywords and queries in your market, including exactly how shoppers type those searches into the engines.Some Next Steps for YouYou need to look at your own data. Log into your Google Analytics account. In the sidebar, you'll see Acquisition. Within that option, find Search Console -- and then select Queries.You'll see the queries people are using for which you're showing up in the search results. You'll see the impressions and clicks, as well as your rank in the search results pages. You want clicksYou want impressionsYou want ranks 1-5How do your results look?You may need to talk to your marketing vendor or marketing department if the clicks, impression share, and rank aren't where you want them to be. See More

Shira Winget posted a blog post

Shira Winget posted a blog post

How To Sell A Damaged Car For Cash

So, you had an accident that left your car in bad shape and you've already decided that selling it will be the best way to get rid of it and all the memories attached to the event. Good choice! However, the mistake many people make is that they try to repair their damaged vehicle before selling it. The good news is that with sites like you don't need to repair your car before you can get money for it.Collision Repair Isn't Always The Best OptionIn most cases (especially when the damage is severe) paying for repairs isn't the best option. The fact that you're reading about how to sell your damaged car shows that you have already figured out that the cost for repairs is way more than it's worth. Some auto repair shops don't just base the charges on the extent of the damage but on the value of your car as well. It's true that you can still repair your damaged car and sell it at a fair price but when you break everything down to include what you spent from the day of the accident to the day the sale clicks, you'll find out that the so-called fair price isn't fair at all.image source: PexelsSell Your Car For Cash As IsThe most recommended option for a severely damaged car is to sell as is. While this option looks promising, not many companies will offer you a reasonable amount for the car. Some service providers will want to take the car from you for free but when you ask them to pay for it, they lose interest. The truth is that the car for cash option is reducing daily. However, top cash car removal can offer cash up to $5,000 for your damaged car. Don't rush into giving out your car for nothing or next to nothing no matter how damaged it is. The key to getting the best deal is getting the right company to buy.Contact Buyers Of Local Damaged CarsWhen you're selling to this type of buyer, all you have to contact the buyer and be available for pickup. In this case, the buyer will come to you. You will not need to worry about hauling the car to the buyer yourself. You'll save time and money.Trade In the Damaged CarAnother option you may have to get rid of your damaged car is to trade it in. Unfortunately, most dealers will offer you sour deals. Most used car dealers are interested in repairing and reselling the car. So, if the damage is too much, spending their money repairing the car after buying it from you will not be profitable for them. So, rather than offer you the value of your damaged car, they will offer you half of it to reduce the cost of repair on their part. After all, it's business. This is why trading in a damaged car to a dealer isn't going to give you the best deal.You Can Dismantle The Car And Sell The PartsAnother popular option is to dismantle the car and sell the parts. This way, you may get a little bit more than when you sell the entire car. There are many online sites that buy car parts and give you cash. Unfortunately, you may not be patient enough to sell all the parts. Even if you are, you may not find a buyer for every part you want to sell. If you do, you may get buyers months apart from each other and, since the money will not be in bulk, you may not enjoy the extra the value.Of all the options listed above, the fastest and easiest ways to get money for your damaged car is to sell it as is to top cash car removal or sell to a local damaged car buyer. You'll not need to worry about haggling with a used car dealer or struggle to sell the car in parts.See More

Rahul Paul posted a blog post

Rahul Paul posted a blog post

Popular Dodge Caravan Promotions in Montreal

There are different family cars out there that people use for family traveling. However, there is none that comes close to the purpose-built practicality of a minivan. Many people like a minivan because of the sliding doors, the entertainment options found in the robust rear-seat and the easy access third-row seat among others. There are plenty of vans out there that can be good for family touring. In this blog, we view some of the best Dodge Caravans Montreal minivans that are popular with your family.Economizing People Mover        This Canada value package is best for families that are always traveling now and then. There is a budget price that makes this Dodge Caravan CVP affordable for most of the families especially families that are always busy. This vehicle earns 9.4L/100 km. An excellent feature that comes with this minivan is the economizer button. This button helps in the reduction of fuel used when traveling. The people mover Dodge caravan is spacious enough. This is because it has seats for seven people and it comes along with plenty of LATCH car seat attachments. On the buttons on the luxury wheel, a multimedia center can be controlled.  Another fantastic feature that the people movers dodge caravan has is the ability to change the seatback direction and creating tailgate seating. The vehicle also has power-open rear windows. If your family is always traveling and you want to save on costs, then this is the vehicle you need to buy.  New 2018 Dodge Caravan Passenger Van/Minivan     Most of the families nowadays have the habit of picking up midsize-crossover SUVs as their main mode of transport. However, the minivan still holds a place especially for those families that need flexibility when traveling and also needing maximum cargo. With this is mind the 2018 Dodge Caravan Passenger Van /Minivan is a minivan that you need to check out if you are interested in buying a vehicle for your family. This beautiful and amazing dodge caravan has a powerful standard engine with some unique 2nd-row seats. You don’t just buy a vehicle to impress your friends you buy a vehicle like this for its cavernous hold together with most of its safety features and its comfortable ride. If you do not care about the image of a car at all but care about a vehicle that is powerful, big and roomy, then this is the vehicle you need to put in your bucket list. This dodge caravan comes at a low base price with plenty of features which your family will definitely like. You can also decide to purchase a Used Caravan Montreal vehicle. Such vehicles come at a lower price and will make you spend less as compared to buying the new-made cars.   Cargo Hauler      If you are looking for a minivan van can haul cargo, then you need to look for a van that has certain features such as Stow ‘N Go and Stow ‘N place.  The SXT Dodge Caravan van is an example of such a vehicle. The rear seats of this particular van stow away just as easily. This van is good for families that carry a lot of cargo because with this minivan you can create up to around 4,072 liters of cargo space.  You also need to know that this cargo space is available when all the seats are down. With this van, you have the chance to pack all that you kids need for college. You may also help friends who have large cargo to move across the town using this van. You can bring bulky items in this dodge grand caravan thanks to the Stow ‘N Place roof rack feature.123See More

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Do you know how many "lost customers" you have in your service department? This Quick Tip is about the importance of Customer Retention to help improve your Service…

Service Absorption & Customer Retention - Quick Tip


Do you know how many "lost customers" you have in your service department? This Quick Tip is about the importance of Customer Retention…

How Machine Learning Can Help Your Dealership


Chief Product Officer Michael Markette shares how machine learning can help your dealership become more efficient.

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Changing in stock date for used cars? I can't believe I had this conversation with a dealer.


In this Facebook live quick tip, Jasen Rice from Lotpop goes over if you should change the instock date for a used car if it takes too long to get ready for…

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