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Women Are Driving: What Can We Learn From Them

Imagine the smile of a man reading this article. To learn something from a woman? Absurd! I do not argue, women behind the wheel a lot, and they all drive in their own way.

Most people think that women are bad drivers compared to men. But here I disagree. As a writer, I was always interested in what kind of difference between different-sex drivers, who react to stressful situations at the wheel and how, so I wrote a small article critique example in which I tried to look at the situation from different points of view.


Road Behavior

As shown by many years of scientific and psychological research, a woman can manage transport normally until some unforeseen circumstances arise.
Psychologists explain it this way: a man in any situation believes more in himself. It is men who instantly begin to calculate the algorithms for getting out of an unusual situation. But just because of self-confidence, sometimes unfounded, it is men who more often end up in serious accidents.

I beg your pardon, dear women, but it seems to me that many of you under the same conditions believe in certain laws that should work in her favor as if by themselves. You are convinced that the stalled engine will still start, and theoretically, gasoline cannot end on a halfway road. Therefore, accidents with women are usually softer or something. And thank God!


Features of Driving a Woman

  1. Women are generally safer drivers than men. This is due to the fact that women are more gentle creatures, and their interests in occupations tend more toward gentle pursuits than driving. As you can see in society, men are more interested in auto shows and auto shows in the city. Have you not noticed that your older brother has always expressed his interests in the newest cars shown in magazines and on television, or among male celebrities who showcase their newest models of cars?
  2. Male drivers more than women. This is a fact that statistics has shown over the years. Men want more cars, and they prefer to drive more than women. Sometimes women like to hire drivers, and even these hired drivers are men. Even the taxi drivers are men. These facts point to the truth that there are more people in society who drive a car.
  3. Men have more cars than women. Yes it's true; men are more interested in cars than women. They have interests that tend to cars and drift, racing and much more. Men love to own cars, and some even love to collect them.
  4. Women own average cars than men. Men like sports cars, hybrid cars, luxury cars and other expensive cars worth at least a million dollars. Expensive cars are more expensive when it comes to car insurance. But most women prefer the simplicity and size of regular cars, so they usually get a lower insurance rate.

I will not argue, each rule has its own exceptions. A man can sometimes not know those things about cars that women know. I myself have seen several times how these cute creatures change the spare tire on their own, and easily.

So, a woman may well be a good driver. Her natural desire to act more cautiously, to delve into details, often saves where we, men, can respond more harshly.

I hope that I have not offended anyone with my review. I am sure that everyone has their own personal experience with the opposite sex on the road and I would be happy if you want to share it in the comments.

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