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Subprime Auto Lenders: 2018's Best Loans for Bad Credit

If your credit score is 620 or less, you have bad credit. But, you're not alone.

Nearly one-third of Americans have poor credit scores, according to Experian. That score shouldn't keep you from a great loan.

There are plenty of subprime auto lenders who will direct you to what you deserve. Here are some of the best lenders for people who have poor credit.

One of the best subprime auto lenders is The company is 12 years old and offers a variety of financing options regardless of credit.

If you want to know a specific amount you are qualified for they even have a loan calculator that does just that!

This site is also great for dealers who are looking for better loans for their customers.

This company is a very reputable subprime auto lender. Dealers have more than 20 years of experience helping anyone with good to poor credit great loans.

If you want your issue resolved in 24 hours, this is the lender for you. The best way to determine what you qualify for is to fill out their online application.

Unlike other lenders, the application with this company is free to fill out!

Established in 2009, this company will find a great loan for anyone -- even if your credit score is only 500.

When you fill out their application you can expect a response sometimes within the hour! They offer consultations, quotes, refinancing, subprime loans and more.

With low to moderate interest rates, this company is a great choice for those whose credit score is lower than 600 and need special attention.

What do you qualify for? will tell you that day's lowest rate and let you know what your own lowest loan rate will be.

Nerd Wallet supports and endorses this company for drivers with bad credit. This is assisted by their three types of calculators and estimators:

  1. Interest Rate Estimator
  2. Loan Amount Calculator
  3. Payment Amount Calculator

They will help you through every step of the process and find you the lowest loan you qualify for.

Capital One

Tired of lenders who charge for applications and impact your credit with every search?

Capital One is a well-known bank, but they are also known for great loans for anyone. When you apply for their pre-qualification application, your credit will not be impacted and you won't be charged.

You can refinance a loan you already have or apply for a brand new one! Check out what your loan could be depending on make and model.

The Best Subprime Auto Lenders

These are just a few of the best subprime auto lenders. If you want to know more about lenders in your area, CyberLead Inc. is right for you.

Our company works with auto dealers that connect you to the best subprime banks in your area! 

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