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Fiat's Godzilla Giveaway Contest Ends June 7, 2014! Have You Entered?

Want Free Godzilla Movie Tickets and Other Themed Merchandise? 

Godzilla's latest movie features a partnership with Fiat to showcase Fiat's most popular models, the Fiat 500 and and the Fiat 500L. The yellow 2014 Fiat 500L is the only one seen surviving after it comes flying out of Godzilla's mouth. Ofcourse, Fiat's promotion of the "largest Fiat" leads to believing that it's even to big for Godzilla to swallow! You'll have to watch the movie to see what else happens, I can't spoil it! It came out May 16, so get to the theaters and watch it if you are a Godzilla fan! And oh yeah, don't forget about entering  to win free tickets to see Godzilla below!

What can you win? 

  • Each day, one winner will win 4 Movie Tickets
  • One Grand Prize winner will win 10 Movie Tickets, $150 for concessions and Godzilla Themed Merchandise

How to enter? 

Visit Ramsey Fiat's blog about the Fiat Godzilla Giveaway contest to learn more:

Contest ends 6/7/14

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