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In modern world businesses remind about themselves in all possible ways. Ads in newspapers, TV and radio commercials, banners, ads on the Internet and so on. Separately each of these advertising channels is an excellent and surely winning practice to declare about your business, convert shoppers into buyers and sell your inventory. But today’s technologies allow advertisers to combine different media ways to achieve the maximum effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. One of such productive, but not widely used solutions is online magazines or E-magazines which successfully picked up all the best from the printed press and digital technology.   


No matter if you are a novice in auto sale business or an experienced dealer, your business will only benefit if you add E-magazine to your marketing tools. Any press releases speaking aloud of your inventory are of a great value.


Benefits of E-magazine advertising:


  • Ease of use. E-magazines are simple to download and to read. They don’t require a lot of space on your computer or mobile device and are free of the Internet connection. Ads are always very informative there.
  • Coverage. Online documents cover much bigger territory than the printed press. A user can download E-magazine from any point of the world where the Internet connection can be found. Offline reading doesn’t bind you to any place at all.
  • Saving. You have a great possibility to save a lot on printing, distribution and posting. Besides, printed magazines take a lot of time on release.
  • Customized format. It’s your own magazine, so it’s up to you to choose the graphics, promote your inventory, add filters by motorized type, year, make, model, price, tags and many more, provide your own descriptions, adjust margins and page numbers, create logos, include your address and other contact information, give coupons and discounts, etc. 3D pages will become an excellent background for any of your ads. It’s up to you to define the number of pages and their size so all of your inventory will find place on E-Magazine pages.
  • Eco-friendliness. E-magazine represents a new type of press, that is an electronic press, for wide audiences of readers. It doesn’t need paper and thus deforestation. It’s the eco-friendliest reading resource for now.
  • Portability. The electronic format gives you a possibility to print, save to any flash drives or email E-Magazine to your subscribers.
  • Free and easy share. You shouldn’t worry about distribution. Your customers can download it right from your website or subscribe and get it delivered by email.


E-Magazine is a strong marketing tool for promoting any kind of business. Auto dealers can win their customers by e-mailing E-Magazine releases on the regular basis. E-Magazine will help you make your reputation, name, and enlarge your customer database in a short time.

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