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Any Viper Fans in New Jersey? Three 2013 Viper SRT GTS for sale in Summit, NJ!

Anyone a Viper Fan? If you are looking for a Viper Dealership in Central NJ, I know of one that has 3 Vipers (according to their only inventory)! I've never driven one but have always had a passion for the original Viper. The new redesigned Viper for 2013 closely resembles the older generation which I really liked! Thankfully they brought back the GTS model which is REALLY NICE. 

For anyone interested in checking one out, in person, check out Salerno Duane Summit located in Summit, NJ. They have 2 Adrenaline 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS Coupes and one Blue Coupe GTS which is mine! lol :)

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