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5 Essential Items You Should Always Have In Your Car

Irrespective of where you are traveling to, when you are driving your car, there are some things that you should have in your car at all times in case any urgency breaks out. These items act as survival kits and are much needed by everyone.

 So here are the five essential items you must have in your car at all times.


1.   Owner’s Manual, Hazard Or Reflective Triangle, And A First-Aid Kit

 The most important thing you should be having in your car is user’s manual. Even though most of the owners would never have opened this booklet, it is very important in an emergency case. If you are unable to find the manual, you can search for it online, but in a place without anetwork, the book will come to the rescue. This book gives you knowledge about the things maybe you never knew earlier.

 Hazard or reflective triangles alert other drivers to slow down and watch out before they come ramming into you and your car. It is best used at night as the night riders can see where you have pulled off. These triangles are also great for a breakdown on a curvy road.

 A first-aid kit always comes to the rescue whether you are the one who is injured or another passenger seated in your car or even any other person that needs urgent care. It is best to have a first-aid even if you are confident that you won’t cause any accidents.


2.   Spare Tire Or Donut, Tire Inflator, And Tire Pressure Gauge

 A spare tire is one of the most important things to keep in your car. If at anytime, one of the wheels of your luxury carconks off, you get enough time to exchange the tire with the donut and are able to reach to the nearest mechanic to fix the original wheel or even get a replica of the Mercedes wheel tire.

 You must have a tire inflator in case you need to fill up the air in your tire so that you could reach to the nearest mechanic if the tire has any leaks. But how will you know if you filled the correct amount air in the tire? Here the tire pressure gauge comes to the rescue. This tool costs less than the digital models and doesn’t need batteries for operation.


3.   Repairing Kit, Torch, Duct Tape, Work Gloves And A Multi-Tool

 The repair kit would include all sorts of tools that could help you fix your car in an emergency. This kit will include tools like jack and lever, wrenches, WD-40, tire patch, etc. This kit could also include a duct tape as a roll of duct tape could help you patch up any tire or wire till the time you reach the mechanic.

 Another item you shouldn’t forget is a pair of work gloves so that you don’t damage your hands. Additionally, you should keep a multi-tool with you. A multi-tool is like a Swiss knife that saves the space of several tools.


4.   Jumper Cables, Emergency Charger, And An Extra Mobile Phone

 Nothing more could be worse than a dead battery. Jumper cables are one thing you could use and could help your car come back to life. In case someone pulls over to help you jumpstarting the car’s dead battery, then you don’t need to wait for anything but take out the jumper cables and connect them with both cars. And your car is ready to run again.

 In case, you don’t have this, you should remember to keep a mobile phone and charger in the car for emergency cases. It is better to keep the phone fully charged and switched off. In any kind of urgency, if your cell phone runs out of battery, you have a backup phone and can use it to contact a mechanic or a friend.


5.   Water Bottles, Blanket, Cash, And An Extra Pair Of Clothes In A Bag

 There should be a bag in your car that has an emergency blanket, a pair of clothes, a pair of comfortable shoes, water bottles, cash, torch, energy bars, etc. If you are traveling and reach an area where the mechanic will be available in the morning, you would have to spend the night in the car or maybe in the nearest hotel.

 In such cases, you would have a pair of clothes to change and some cash that you could spend wisely if there are no ATMs nearby. This bag can also be very useful if you insist on spending the night in the car. You could also add up more things to your bag like a winter coat, paper towels or tissues, notebook and pen, umbrella, and so on.

 After knowing about the five essentials you should be storing in your car, you are ready for any kind of drive or trip via car. The above-mentioned points always come to the rescue.


Happy Driving!

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