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by Willow Adams some of the insights from my client's website


by Willow Adams some of the insights from my client's website

private plate 50 PJS

by Martyn Davies

private plates video pic

by Martyn Davies

private transfer video last

by Martyn Davies

dealerELITE Featured Blogs

Be the Coach Your People Deserve

Ken Blanchard called feedback the “breakfast of champions,” and rightfully so, because we all need feedback in order to grow and develop to our fullest potential. When done properly, coaching those on your team and giving them quality feedback is one of the highest return uses of your time; however, when it comes to giving feedback, many leaders today are more of a critic than they are a coach. They point out what’s wrong without offering the individual any coaching that would allow…

Five Keys to Achieving Goals

There's a lot of information available today on goal setting, but an important and often overlooked component is alignment. There are certain things in your life that have to align with your goals, and if they don't, you'll fall short of reaching them. Here Dave shares 5 critical success factors of your life that need to be aligned with your personal goals, so you can set yourself up for success when it comes to goal attainment. Listen today and get on target at …

Leading with Level One Accountability

There are four levels of accountability in any organization, and within the departments of that organization. And while each department, and the organization itself, is normally a blend of all four levels depending on the time of the month, the leader of that department, and other factors, there is one level that will dominate. As I share the four levels, evaluate which most dominates the area you spend most of your time, and what steps can be taken to improve accountability there.…

How are Women’s Brains Wired?

What Customers are Thinking in YOUR Dealership

When a woman shops at your dealership, do you know what she is thinking? Do you know what is important to her? While that may seem impossible, reports and data show surprising consistency…

Chris Saraceno on the Get Ya Some Radio Show discussing the Theory of 5

"The auto industry can be such a great business," says Chris Saraceno. "But it also can be a life sentence."

What good is making a living if you're killing yourself to do it?

Today's guest on the…

ADM Professional Community Videos

Witt's Wise Words: Rethinking Your Vehicle Subscription Service


VP of Sales CDK Global Bill Wittenmyer shares a tip on how dealers should be evaluating a vehicle subscription model at their dealership.

Three Keys to Changes in Google's Algorithm


Local Search Group CEO & Founder Jim Flint share some tips for dealers on how to keep up with Google's algorithm changes in this video blog.

Profit By Action Quick Tip: Effective Labor Rate


Profit By Action Quick Tip on Effective Labor Rates (ELR) with Andy Church.

How Subscription Models Can Affect Dealership Valuation


Can the trend in dealership subscription services affect dealership valuation? Scot Eisenfelder shares his opinion in this video blog.

100% Digital Doesn't Mean 100% Coverage


In this video blog, CEO & Founder of Local Search Group Jim Flint shares why dealers shouldn't confuse their digital efforts with its effectiveness.

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Kevin Gomez posted a blog post

The Benefits of Plasti Dip

Are you wishing for a new car but simply can’t afford it?  Do you wish for an easy way to change your car’s color and revive its exterior?  Repainting your car can be expensive and difficult.  Consider the benefits of plasti dip today, a low-cost alternative to a total repaint, allowing to you customize and bring new life to your old vehicle!Why Consider Plasti Dip?While…See More
Apr 5
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Mar 4
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Featured Blog Articles from the ADM Professional Community

Lookup and check Ford VIN Number

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is the 17-digit "name," made up of numbers and characters, that an automobile manufacturer assigns to an individual vehicle. Vehicle identification numbers can reveal many things about automobiles, including their airbag type, country of origin, engine size, model year, vehicle type, trim level and plant name. The…

What Do Goldfish Have in Common With Marketing?

In this video blog, Jim Flint shares why time is important in capturing consumer attention.

Want A 5-star CSI Rating? Demanding It Doesn’t Work. Earning It Does.

When my friend, Erica* took her vehicle to the dealer recently, the needed repairs were performed quickly and competently. Yet, when the CSI survey came, she rated her overall experience three stars: “just okay.” Why not five stars: “excellent”? Well, because frankly, they didn’t earn it. This was the result of a couple very significant––and…

The Great Race Against Time!

In today’s society, time is a precious commodity. So much so that consumers make their buying decisions based on how long it takes to complete the transaction. If you had the choice between a $20 oil change that would take 4 hours to complete, or a $30 oil change that would take 30 minutes, which would you choose?

For the automotive industry,…

Can Amazon Reinvent the Traditional Store?

It’s a well-known fact that Amazon is on a mission to reinvent the traditional brick-and-mortar store model. Until recently, they were mostly focused on dominating online sales. However, it is clear Amazon is now looking to expand its footprint to include offline sales. A great example is the…

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Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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what is Self-help techniques for self-growth?

Here is some good news. It is possible to improve people’s lives by removing negative programs from their subconscious minds, which dictate their personality and lives.

One very interesting technique that can help to achieve this, is listening to certain sounds and certain music that have the ability to break down negative subconscious material. This will gradually result in the improvement of behavior, the reduction of psychological and physical problems and the…

Study Of 1000+ Car Dealers Raises Concerns About Industry’s Lead Handling Issues

Opportunity Max, a Maritz Company, recently completed a program with a major OEM. As part of the program, 1,037 assessments were run on dealerships to identify holes in their lead handling processes.

The results were very telling, and point to bigger concerns with the industry as a whole.

  • 66% of Dealers Received Failing Marks

Utilizing our …

Best VPN

can any help me that which are Best and Fastest VPNs best who also accept PayPal service, someone recommended this list, I find it quite information but still looking more information.

Fastest VPN Service Providers List

can any help me that which are Best and Fastest VPNs best who also accept PayPal service, someone recommended this list, I find it quite information but still looking more information.

What is better--written content or animated videos?

Managing a business that is continuously growing and bringing in more and more traffic is not an easy task. The type of content used here plays a vital role in making the website more effective. A business person must be aware of the trending content which is both engaging and eye-catching for the audience. In simple words, it matters whether your content has pictures or voice tones or it is based entirely on pictures or videos makes a great difference.

Where blogging for written…

dealerELITE Latest Activity

Latest Activity at the ADM Professional Community

Sean Reyes posted a status

Sean Reyes posted a status
"Lotus Evora…"

Lizzie Weakley posted a blog post

Lizzie Weakley posted a blog post

4 Ways an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you've been involved in a traffic incident, it's time to line up an auto accident lawyer. You might think that your situation doesn't merit legal help, but hiring an attorney can be useful for a wide range of automobile altercations. If you're not sure what all a traffic accident lawyer can do for you, keep reading to learn more.Bring Attention to Your ProblemsWhen you or your car are hurt in an accident, you probably want to hold the at-fault driver fully responsible. Unfortunately, guilty drivers and their insurance companies don't always want to listen to requests for compensation. They might just try to brush you off. However, if you have an auto accident lawyer on your side, they're more likely to pay attention. Just the thought of legal action may be enough to get them to pay up without needing to go to trial.Advise You About Timeline RequirementsWhen your car is hit, you may not know right away whether you're going to have any long-term medical repercussions. Therefore, you might want to hold off before making a claim against the other driver. Before you make that choice, talk to your lawyer. Many states have statutes of limitation on situations like these, and you need to be aware of those before making the decision not to act right away.Get the Largest Settlement PossibleYou know that you want money to cover your hospital bills and your car repairs. However, there's a good chance that you'll be able to get additional money as well, but you have to know to ask for it. A good auto accident lawyer can provide wise counsel about what sort of damages apply to your situation. For example, you may be able to get reimbursement for lost wages or future medical bills.Provide Defense When You Are at FaultUnfortunately, there may be times when you're the driver that's responsible for a crash. When you're the defendant, it's always smart to have a lawyer on your side. Your attorney can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf or represent you in court if it comes to that. Your lawyer's job is to look out for your best interests, so you should always discuss a settlement with your attorney before agreeing to it.Whether you were at fault in your accident or someone else was, you need an auto accident lawyer on your side. When you hire an experienced traffic attorney, you can rest assured that your auto accident case will be in good hands.See More

Scot Eisenfelder posted a blog post

Scot Eisenfelder posted a blog post

No One Plans to Fail

As the old adage goes, no one plans to fail, they just fail to plan. This could not be more true when it comes to service marketing budgets in dealerships. As new vehicle sales and gross margins decline, it's natural to look for ways to cut expenses. But I've never understood the logic behind cutting service marketing budgets. If service marketing is not working, by all means, change it—but if it does work, shouldn’t you increase service marketing when sales are slow?  How else do you expect to maintain profits during challenging times? According to NADA, fixed ops is responsible for 48% percent of dealership gross profits, yet most dealers don't have an annual service marketing plan, and their service marketing budgets are 10% or less of the overall marketing budget. The logic behind this allocation is that new vehicles sales feed service. That may have been true 40 years ago, when you were guaranteed a substantial amount of warranty work and in-warranty customer pay business just from your new vehicle sales. However, today’s franchise dealers only capture 20-25% of revenue potential from their Units in Operations (UIO). That means dealers are leaking 75-80% of service work from the cars they have sold to their competition! For many years now, independent aftermarket chains have slowly but steadily been increasing market share. Additionally, today’s vehicles are higher quality and require less maintenance. For dealers, this means less warranty work, less standard maintenance work and more replace-than-repair work. So, as new vehicle sales decline, your service work is bound to decline at an even more rapid rate, unless you become more aggressive with service marketing. For the dealer principals reading this, do you know why your GMs yank the service marketing budgets when sales slow? Because their pay plan incents them to increase this month’s profit at the expense of long-term growth. But that's a topic for another day. It's funny how on the sales side, principals and GMs alike are loathe to cut the marketing budget, believing they need to stay competitive. What they don't realize is that sales marketing in a contracting market is a zero-sum game. As more dollars chase fewer sales, conquest efforts become more expensive and less effective. It’s not unusual to see incremental marketing costs exceed gross margin net of commissions for conquest sales, with dealers hoping that service and repeat purchases will justify their initial acquisition costs. The bottom line is this. As long as new vehicle sales and gross margins continue to decline, your best bet for revenue growth potential is in fixed ops. If new vehicles sales don't feed service, then where is that service revenue going to come from? New service business comes from service marketing. Recommendations include: Set a budget similar to sales. Most of you can name your market PVR target in your sleep, but do you have a service marketing PRO? The disproportionate spending on sales marketing vs. service marketing makes no sense. The old argument that sales feeds service does not hold water in today's market. Today it's equally, if not more true, that service feeds sales. Prioritize spending. Engage all active service customers regularly across multiple channels; especially digital channels as that's where your customers' attention is. Keep brand awareness high and send highly targeted, relevant offers. Conquest. Inevitably some of your service customers drop off every month. While some of these can be replenished through new vehicle sales, most of them have to be replenished through conquest campaigns. Establish an aggressive, multi-channel service conquest strategy to find and bring in new customers on a regular basis. Allocate budgets in advance. Seasonal service campaigns are highly effective and proven to deliver high ROI, so plan ahead to make the most out of campaigns such as spring tire, fall tire, summer road trips and winterizing vehicles. Market all service profit centers. Don't get stuck marketing basic maintenance and repair work. Do your customers know that you have a collision center? Do they know about your tire program, or about your aftermarket accessories? Dealers are notoriously bad at educating service customers about all available options. Historically dealership service marketing budgets have been an afterthought, with no rhyme or reason given to how budgets are allocated or spent. For proactive dealers willing to think outside the box, this presents a huge opportunity to steal service work from your competition who remain stuck in their service marketing ruts.See More

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Helion Technologies Founder & President Erik Nachbahr shares some tips on what dealerships should be looking for in an IT solution for their dealership.

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DealerBuilt Account Manager Mike Correra explains why dealers should focus on the right things on social media for their presence to be effective.

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