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Clayton Burton

by Clayton Burton We help dealers cut costs and enhance in-store marketing with showroom digital signage, WaitTV wait area TV, showroom background music with custom ads, and telephone on hold messaging.


by Ralph Paglia Ford_Focus_RS

Mustang by Ford

by Ralph Paglia Mustang by Ford

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor by DeBerti Design SEMA

by Ralph Paglia 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor by DeBerti Design SEMA

2017 Ford F150 Raptor

by Ralph Paglia Ford Raptor rear view

dealerELITE Featured Blogs

Is Your Express Service Actually Express?

Express Service is a way to build growth in your service departments numbers and profits. This is a big need today as so many of our customers end up going to secondary maintenance facilities for this work. This is draining much of the customer base that once relied on us for taking care of their vehicles. To quote Author and Marketing Expert Seth Godin: He said, “There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

The independent franchises…

How to Shoot Professional Quality Videos with a Smartphone

When dealerships first start their video marketing programs, one of the most common questions I am asked…

Do You Know How Many Dealers Women Buyers Are Visiting?

Industry experts tell us that car buyers go to 1.6 dealerships to buy a vehicle.

From the 2017 US Women’s Car Dealership Report, we find that number to be true for half of women car buyers. The other half report a very different answer altogether. An amazing forty-six percent of women car buyers are going to twice the industry average, or 3.2 dealer visits.

Which begs a few…

The Unstoppable Philosophy

Jim Rohn, an important mentor in my life, taught that if you want to change your life, you must change your philosophy. Everyone has a philosophy. It’s what influences the way we see things, the way we make decisions, the way we respond to the people around us, and more. The question isn’t whether or not we have a philosophy, but rather, “Where has my philosophy brought me today and where is it taking me in the future?”


Anyone wanting to live more of their life in game…

Plains Trains & Automobiles

A worthy journey requires multiple means of transportation to arrive at the desired destination. This belief keeps me from the shadow of failure within the proverbial dead end. It’s that place in the road that requires a shift in one’s travels.

When looking at my resume the one key component that continually presents itself is my desire to grow a business and strengthen a community…

ADM Professional Community Videos

Progressive Retail Episode 25 - Training Circle


On today’s show Cory highlights the 7 Circles of High Profit High Volume Internet Sales Success, emphasizing the Training Circle. Cory's weekly show on CBT…

Progressive Retail Episode 22 Circle of Coaching


On today’s show Cory discusses the Coaching Circle as part of the 7 circles of internet sales success. Cory's weekly show on CBT Automotive News. Original…

Merry Christmas 2016


Kim Clouse makes the Mini from 2009 come alive at Christmas for Ralph

*The Recruiter* Episode 6 What is the Job Seeker Really Looking For? How to

Thumbnail The "soft Skills" that job and Career seekers are truly looking for. Appreciation for effort and results, a…

Cory Mosley - Progressive Retail Episode 20 Circle of Engagement


On today's show Cory targets Internet Sales at Dealerships, providing positive action steps through the 7 Circles of High Profit Cory's weekly show on CBT…

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Weekend on Wheels: How to Make It Super Exciting?

It’s the leisure time again and you surely don’t want to wait any longer to make most of it. People are getting their backpacks ready for spending a quality holiday stint with their family and friends. In fact, the days just before the arrival of summers allow almost every living being to freshen up and reset their day to day activities. It is also a perfect opportunity to spend a quality time with your family and strengthen your bonding even more.Thus, the weekend getaway is the perfect…See More
Mar 8
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E-Magazine Advantages

In modern world businesses remind about themselves in all possible ways. Ads in newspapers, TV and radio commercials, banners, ads on the Internet and so on. Separately each of these advertising channels is an excellent and surely winning practice to declare about your business, convert shoppers into buyers and sell your inventory. But today’s technologies allow advertisers to combine different media ways to achieve the maximum effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. One of such…See More
Mar 7
Maria Smith is now a member of Automotive Media Partners, LLC
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Featured Blog Articles from the ADM Professional Community

How to Shoot Professional Quality Videos with a Smartphone

When dealerships first start their video marketing programs, one of the most common questions I am asked…

Accelerate approval times, increase productivity and CSI with mobile texting

Mobile texting is a powerful technology. Integrating a texting solution within your automotive business may be the smartest decision you make this year for many a reason.

In 2017, …

State of Marketing Report Shows Growing Use of Various Channels - Consumer Shift To Positive Reviews!

State of Marketing Report Shows Growing Use of Various Channels, Troubles With Message Personalization

3 Things That Make a Good Logo

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, Ally & Haley take over to reveal how to make a great logo for your business.

What does it take for consumers to remember your name? Watch this week's episode to find out!

We’d love to hear what you have to say. Comment below and follow us on Facebook.

Worst Social Media Advice Ever Given

Worst Social Media Advice and Tips Ever Given

A couple of years ago, Susanna Gebauer was a total social media fool. I mean, she registered on Facebook because her brother Jonathan and her founded an online based company – everybody was already there and talking, and she did not know how it all…

Blog Posts

Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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What are the Top 5 Ways for a Car Dealer to Improve their Reputation?

5 Ways To Boost Car Dealer Reputation from Ralph Paglia on Vimeo.

Thank you to CBT News for publishing this video which shows their…

Does anyone still buy 3rd party auto leads anymore?

Howdy All,

I was wondering if there's still a market for 3rd party auto leads these days? I know a lot of dealers now-a-days focus on their own internal marketing efforts. I was wondering if that has made 3rd party lead sellers irrelevant. 

Auto Finance Exclusive Lead Generation

We have our hands on a Solid Auto Finance Source that is converting great. Most importantly we are getting quality high price bids from premium buyers and dealers network. We are generating a decent enough volume too & pretty confident about our leads, quality and conversion.

We have space to add in a couple of major premium buyers for exclusive generation specifically. We are sort of looking for a Buy all kind of deal with a premium buyer which should give us enough space…

Looking for TOP GUNS 150K to 200K a Year B2B Sales!~

Looking for TOP GUNS! 150K to 200K a year!

B2B sales!~ Work your own hours, weekends OFF, time for family, and friends! 

Send your resume to or IM her to learn…

4 Simple Effective Business Process Improvement Steps

The demand to improve your business continues to increase as expectations change, new technologies emerge and competition grows. An effective way to establish continual improvement within your organization is to conduct regular business process improvements (BPI).

* Address the existing processes, their relative health, and their roles in the company

* Identify how broken processes could be better aligned with the organization’s goals

* Define how the…

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Dave Benson posted a discussion

Dave Benson posted a discussion

Survey - Is There Opportunity In Selling Cars Via Social Media

Hope you're having a great week!I'm doing some research on selling via social media and using a personal brand to market yourself.Can you fill out this quick survey so I better understand if and how social selling works for you.Click here to complete the survey Thanks heaps!Dave BensonSee More

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Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

5 Most Dangerous Places to Drive Your Hotrod

For some auto enthusiasts, the sight of the open road is what revs their engines. Some of us prefer to live dangerously and our hearts are tied to the drag strip. It’s even better when drag races happen in real places with enough of a fear quotient to sweeten the deal. Here are 5 of the most dangerous places to drive your hotrod:1. Skyline Parkway, Duluth, MinnesotaIf the winters of northern Minnesota seem forbidding to you, then try Skyline Parkway in Duluth. This breathtaking overlook full of twists and turns was a favorite spot of drag racers back in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s a real challenge for the speed and handling of any vehicle, and during wintertime can turn deadly, so best to keep it to the warmer months.2. Road to Kona, Big Island of Hawai’iThe unparalleled beauty of this road is matched by the drama and adventure of taking the famous turns in the gulches by Laupahoehoe Point. Long a favorite of locals who once drank their beers while navigating these turns, there’s no better opportunity to put your hotrod through its paces than this beautiful highway on the Big Island.3. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida KeysHere’s a challenge for any dedicated auto enthusiasts out there: a race on the Seven Mile Bridge. One of the most famous sights in Florida, it’s been featured in action films like True Lies. When you’ve reached the end of the road, there’s always a cold beer and fresh snapper waiting for you at a diner on the next island.4. Tijuana-Ensenada Corridor, MexicoThe incredible views of the Pacific Ocean are just another perk on this famous highway from the border to the fishing village of Ensenada. There’s a certain feeling of lawlessness already. Most of the danger here probably comes from run-ins with the law or other aggressive drivers, but it’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping.5. Anywhere in the Rockies Some of these mountain passes have been changed, roadways have smoothed, and traffic has been diverted from the most dangerous areas. Still, some of the most dangerous roads in America can be found along the continental divide, such as Colorado’s Wolf Creek Pass or Wyoming’s Bear Tooth Highway. Auto enthusiasts will find that regardless of the tales of car accidents in many of these places, or perhaps because of them, these locations are ideal for the race of a lifetime. ReferencesDurango HeraldPage LawHawaii MagazineSee More

Rachelle Wilber posted a blog post

Rachelle Wilber posted a blog post

What Responsible Motorists Should Do After an Accident on the Freeway

An auto accident on the freeway may seem more intense and frightening than an accident on a neighborhood street. The high rates of speed, heavy traffic and minimal room on the shoulder or berm can complicate the situation. If you are involved in an accident while driving on the freeway, these four tips will help you to stay safe and calm until help arrives.Call for HelpIt is important to call the local emergency services for help immediately after an accident on the freeway. If you use your smartphone to call 9-1-1, your phone will reach the nearest emergency services. Describe as much as you can about your location and the circumstances, such as how many cars were involved and whether there is debris in the roadway.Stay CalmAn auto accident triggers your body's stress response. You may feel a rush of adrenaline. Some people may have an energized or nauseous feeling. Professionals, like those at Alexander Law Group, know that it is important to stay calm after an auto accident. If you or someone in your vehicle is injured, try to stay calm until the paramedics arrive. If possible, stay on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator. The emergency services staff is trained in helping people to stay calm in urgent situations.Move Your Vehicle out of TrafficIf it is safe to do so, drive your vehicle to the side of the road. Other drivers may not see that there has been an accident on the freeway until it is too late for them to get out of the way. If you cannot move your vehicle off of the roadway to the shoulder, or berm, try to make your vehicle more visible. Turn on your hazards or put flares by your bumper.Remain in Your VehicleIt is dangerous to get out of your vehicle and stand on the freeway. Avoid getting out of your vehicle to check on the damage. You could get hit by a car while doing so. Remain in your vehicle after an accident unless there is imminent risk of the vehicle bursting into flames. If your car is on fire, get yourself far away from it without walking into traffic.Once the immediate danger has passed, you will also need to contact your auto insurance company and report the accident. Be sure to get the responding police officer's information. You will also need to have the incident number or police report number for filing your insurance claim.See More

Emma Sturgis posted a blog post

Emma Sturgis posted a blog post

Teenager Turning 16? 3 Insights To Help You Insure Their Car

Image Source: PexelsIf you have a child who is about to turn 16, his or her top priority may be to get a car and a license to drive it. While this may scare you as a parent, having a good insurance policy may relieve some of the stress or anxiety that you may feel about your teen driving.  Learn About Discounts For Teen Drivers Teen drivers tend to cost more to insure because they are less experienced and tend to make riskier decisions while behind the wheel. However, you can lower your teen's rates by searching for discounts such as a good student discount or a driver education discount. By getting good grades and taking driver education courses, your teen shows insurance companies their ability to make responsible decisions.  Add Your Son Or Daughter To Your Own Policy If your son or daughter is on your own policy, he or she may qualify for any discounts that you receive. In the event that you choose to do this, make sure that you talk to your teen about the importance of not getting into accidents or getting tickets. This is because your teen's poor driving decisions could result in your policy being cancelled as well.  Get More Than The State Minimum Although your state may set a minimum level of insurance needed to legally operate a car, it is a good idea to buy additional coverage. Ideally, you will have at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage. This ensures that you don't lose your house or other assets if your teen gets into a serious accident.  Talk With Your Insurance Agent The most effective way to determine how to keep your teen's insurance costs down is to talk with an insurance professional, like those at Rob Jackson Insurance. This person may be able to help design a policy that provides only the minimum level of coverage needed to protect your teen and your teen's vehicle while on the road. If your son or daughter drives an older vehicle, it may only be necessary to carry general liability insurance, and it may be possible to increase the deductible in an effort to keep premiums down.  It is natural to worry about your child no matter how old that child may be. However, a quality insurance policy may help to replace a damaged vehicle or help pay to get your teen back to health if he or she is ever in an accident.See More

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