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Ralph Paglia - Brian pasch - Russian Conference

by Ralph Paglia Ralph Paglia - Brian pasch - Russian Conference

Ralph Paglia on the Road #TravelLikeRalph

by Ralph Paglia Ralph Paglia on the Road #TravelLikeRalph

Negative Reviews are Opportunities by Ralph Paglia

by Ralph Paglia Negative Reviews are Opportunities by Ralph Paglia

J.D. Power 2017 APEAL Study Infographic

by Ralph Paglia J.D. Power 2017 APEAL Study Infographic


by Jason Kathman

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Grow or Go

One of my favorite questions to ask attendees in my workshops is, "How many of you agree that the right mindset influences the ability to win, more than skills, knowledge, talent, or experience?"

Upon hearing the question, droves of hands usually shoot up throughout the audience. I generally follow up with a second question about how much time is spent intentionally building theirs each day. This is the point where the hands drop down and you could hear the…

Service Advisors: End Your Day with the Beginning in Mind!

When you first come to work every morning, do you spend time planning your day, or do you dive right in and start…

#25 Episode: How to Stay Up in Down Times

LISTEN NOW: Tough times are something that we all face, and something that we can all learn to handle better. In this episode, Dave welcomes special guest and power forward with the Portland Trailblazers, Meyers Leonard, to share with you some principles he's found useful in helping him to stay up in down times. Use his insight to help yourself power through your next tough time or to help others do so.…

Used Vehicle Depreciation Ticks Up

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download…

Phone calls not preferred research shows

Are you a talker or a texter? Or do you prefer sending emails? February 2017 data show that US smartphone penetration surpassed 80 percent in 2016 (source: …

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Witt's Wise Words: BDC vs BFC


ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer explains the difference between a dealership having a Business Development Center versus a Business Follow-Up Center.

#FreebieFridays - Being the Most Obvious Choice


In this Freebie Friday quick tip for Automotive Dealers, ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer talks about how to get ahead in dealership sales and in life by consistently presenting yourself as the obvious…

Progressive Retail Episode 40 - Christian Ferrer of DemandLocal


On today’s show, Cory invites Christian Ferrer, VP of Automotive Sales at Demand Local, Inc., to discuss “nomophobia” and what’s going on in the digital…

Lot Party Tip 31: What Is Your Cost to Market?


In this Lot Party Tip, Jasen Rice explains why paying attention to cost-to-market is vital for a dealership's success.

Kaspersky Lab's David Jacoby on Social Engineering


Kaspersky Lab Senior Security Researcher, David Jacoby talks about countering social engineering in a dealership environment. Protecting your automotive enterprise from attack is easy if you take the right…

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stella kwale is now a member of Automotive Media Partners, LLC
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Simon Leggett posted a blog post

Weekend on Wheels: How to Make It Super Exciting?

It’s the leisure time again and you surely don’t want to wait any longer to make most of it. People are getting their backpacks ready for spending a quality holiday stint with their family and friends. In fact, the days just before the arrival of summers allow almost every living being to freshen up and reset their day to day activities. It is also a perfect opportunity to spend a quality time with your family and strengthen your bonding even more.Thus, the weekend getaway is the perfect…See More
Mar 8

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Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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NADA Has Its 100th Birthday Today!

Confirm and Cultivate Your HVA

Your Highest-Value Activity (HVA) will drive your greatest incremental profit! And most retail automotive management professionals acknowledge that the largest potential profit improvement can be achieved by generating additional vehicle sales department gross. So, I have recently made a point to ask my dealer-clients, their CFOs, their GMs, and their sales managers, “How do you…

Do Used Car Exports From The US Have Any Impact On American Used Car Values?



Internet Sales Lead Coverage - Is New Store Policy Equitable & Productive for Dealership?

What is the standard policy for Internet Sales incoming lead coverage? How many days should an Internet Sales Manager be covered after responding to an inbound lead? Do they need to make direct contact with the customer or is their constant follow up enough to qualify for a half deal, if they do not help the customer when they arrive at the dealership?



I have worked that past four years as an…

How Is THIS For a Meeting Roster?

I am about to participate in a meeting that includes some fairly heavy hitters in the automotive vertical... Check it out and let me know what you think, or any questions you might have about the discussion that ensued.


dealerELITE Latest Activity

David Lewis's video was featured

David Lewis's video was featured

Weekly Sales Tip #9: Put Yourself In Their Shoes - by David Lewis

David Lewis shares his Automotive Sales Training with you on innovative ways to increase your Sales through his concept of “Inspirational Selling”. Each week...

via Twitter

via Twitter
Checking out "Weekly Sales Tip #9: Put Yourself In Their Shoes - by David Lewi" on @dealerELITE:

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Kara Masterson posted a blog post

Kara Masterson posted a blog post

Beating a Break-Down: 4 Car Repair Tricks Everyone Should Know

Owning a car is ideal for those who don't have access to public transportation or don't want to be confined by a bus or train schedule. However, there are times when your car may not start or will experience other mechanical issues. What are some ways to fix your car without spending a lot of time or money on repairs?Have a Voltmeter in Your CarA voltmeter will measure the output of your battery or other electrical components in your car. This may help you determine if you need a new battery or if the starter is the cause of your car not starting. It may also be a good idea to have a code reader that you can attach to the vehicle's computer to help you determine why your car is malfunctioning. Know How to Change a TireIt is possible for a tire to puncture or go flat unexpectedly. Having a spare tire in your car makes it easier to either get back home or get to a repair shop to have the tire replaced. In addition to the tire, you will need a jack and a lug wrench. When changing a tire, make sure that the car is on flat ground to prevent it from tipping over while elevated. Water Can Temporarily Cool Your Engine If you notice that your engine is overheating, you don't necessarily need to put in more oil. Instead, you can simply pour water into the engine before you take it to a repair shop. This may prevent it from catching on fire or doing permanent damage to a component that could cost thousands to repair. Locate Reputable HelpWhile it may be preferable to make repairs yourself, there are some issues that only a mechanic has the tools and experience to fix. In some cases, it may be best to let a mechanic fix your vehicle if you don't have the time to make the repair properly on your own. Furthermore, letting a professional work on your vehicle may be an effective way to retain any warranty it may have. It’s always a good idea to only work with mechanics who have auto repair industry insurance. Car repairs can be expensive if you have to take your vehicle to the repair shop each time it has a problem. By understanding how a car operates, you may be able to diagnose and fix minor issues on your own. This reduces your maintenance costs while also helping to increase the useful life of your vehicle. See More

Anica Oaks posted a blog post

Anica Oaks posted a blog post

DUI Dangers: Why Alcohol Intoxication is So Dangerous for Motorists

After a night of drinking, it might seem like it is not a big deal to drive the fifteen minutes back home, especially if you have only had one or two drinks. But driving under the influence is dangerous not only to you, but also to others on the road. It can also have long term consequences in your life. Here is why you should never drive under the influence.Alcohol Slows Your ReflexesDriving under the influence means slower reflexes which is dangerous for driving. You will possibly not turn fast enough to fully stay on the road, and you may not brake fast enough, meaning you could potentially hit cars that brake suddenly in front of you, or hit animals or children that were in the middle of the road that you did not see in time.Alcohol Causes FatalitiesEvery year, 12,000 people die in DUI-related accidents. Not all of these are drunk drivers, however. It also includes other people in the car with the driver and people in the car they crashed into. So driving drunk can lead to you being dead, or lead to others being dead.There are Serious Legal RepercussionsIf you are pulled over for a DUI, then you can end up facing legal charges that include losing your license. According to Russo Lawyers, driving above the high alcohol limit, 0.15 BAC, could result in up to nine months of jail time or a fine of $2100. Almost all cases involve losing your license or having your license suspended.It is ExpensiveIn addition to the heavy fines you must pay, you will also have to pay to reinstate your license, if you are allowed to reinstate it at all. Sometimes it is required to put a breathalyzer on your car to start the car up. That requires a monthly maintenance fee that is paid for the driver.If you were involved in a car accident while under the influence, then you will be held responsible and probably pay for the other person's damages. Your car insurance rate will also go up. You will likely end up paying thousands of dollars for your DUI.Driving while under the influence is a serious offense and has serious repercussions. It is dangerous to yourself and others. It will also severely impact you financially and you will face legal consequences as well. So next time you consider driving home from the bar after a couple of drinks, be smart and take a cab.See More

Emma Miah's blog post was featured

Emma Miah's blog post was featured

How Technology Advancement Helping Manufacturing Industries to Sell their Products

Innovation is a broad idea that has come to allude to achievements in science that take into account a superior or robotized arrangement. While the clearest advantage to change in a private venture is expanded profitability - which converts into a lower cost structure- - some different benefits can help the main issue too. Enhanced speed, the simplicity of sharing and putting away data and a decline in human mistake through mechanization indicate a decrease in costs and expansion in income.Speed and TimeIndependent ventures rival large organizations by being more quick and deft. Also, a private investment can react to change faster than an expansive business. A hundred years back, electronic mail did not exist, and the best way to speak with another person in another topographical area was by the postal administration - the more remote away from your customer or provider, the more drawn out the correspondence took. Today, with the appearance of data innovation, data is shared at a dumbfounding rate. This spares time, offering the capacity to settle on choices speedier.Less demanding StorageInnovation dispenses with the requirement for double or triples section frameworks and decreases the need to document a lot of printed material. Presently, contracts and client data can be put away in virtual information distribution centers and got to in minutes, which eliminates the need to buy or lease storage room.Enhanced Sharing of InformationInnovation permits data, regardless of whether composed or communicate, to be shared all the more rapidly and with fewer assets. Promoting can be refined by setting advertisements that achieve a great many prepared purchasers on the Internet or through person to person communication locales. E-learning and different types of internet preparing have reshaped the preparation of the typical private company workforce as representatives can tune into classroom addresses and offer thoughts with colleagues from the solace of their home or office. This takes out the requirement for the independent company to procure preparing staff.AutomationInnovation enables private ventures to mechanize certain capacities that indeed have required the need to contract a worker. For example, accounting capabilities now can be taken care of by programming applications, for example, Quicken and QuickBooks. The business work is organized through contact administration locales, for instance, SalesForce. This gives the entrepreneur the capacity to concentrate on the system and cut down on labour costs.MarketingInnovation has liberated independent ventures from the limitations of prints promotions with regards to achieving new and existing clients. Online marketing ranges from a straightforward educational site to publicizing on web crawlers, to online item deals. In this mean the latest displaying devices like refrigerators, ambient display counters, or display freezers are quite handy to advertise your products. In this mean you may look for tefcold fs1380 bottle cooler for better results.EfficiencyIndependent ventures need to wring each ounce of efficiency out of their operations, and innovation instruments enable workers to accomplish assignments all the more rapidly. This may run from printing out promoting materials to giving client benefit through email or online visit. The key is to keep representatives centred when utilizing innovation and to use it properly with the objective of sparing time. In some cases, a telephone call might be more useful and beneficial than an email. Give representatives the correct equipment and refreshed programming to keep them working at top capability.See More

Ralph Paglia's blog post was featured

Ralph Paglia's blog post was featured


NEW OPPORTUNITY:  PUBLISH YOUR STORY FOR DISTRIBUTION IN J.D. POWER'S AUTO MAGAZINE    LAUNCH DATE AND PLACE: OCTOBER 24-25, 2017 BELLAGIO, LAS VEGAS  Don't miss this chance to share your insights in the first issue of J.D. Power's NEW emPower Collection magazine! This magazine highlights findings from companies both speaking and attending the 12th annual AMR conference to continue your learning even after the sessions have ended.  Interested? Contact Ashley Hession for more information  J.D. Power3200 Park Center Drive, 13th Floor Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel: 714-621-6200See More

Mike Gorun's blog post was featured

Mike Gorun's blog post was featured

Text Messages: Google’s Wake-Up Call to Dealers

Texting is by far the most popular form of communication for consumers – especially with younger generations. However, because of the many compliancy rules and laws that have to be followed, many dealers are hesitant to adopt text messaging -- they simply don’t want to risk it.   Consumers prefer to communicate via text because it’s short, to the point and non-intrusive. Have you ever tried to call one of your kids or grandkids only to have them fail to answer, then text you right back asking what you need? Or have your ever received a voicemail, not bothered to listen to it, and simply texted the caller back?   Short-form messaging is popular and should be high on your list of priorities to offer your customers as a form of communication. Why? Well, while email marketing has been around for many years, emails go into spam filters, get lost in a stack of unread e-mails, or are simply ignored. If you get an open rate anywhere north of 20 percent, you’re doing a pretty good job. Text messages, on the other hand, typically get read within 3 minutes of receipt, according to the Huffington Post. There is also no spam filter (short of a customer blocking your number, that is.)   If that isn’t proof enough for you that consumers want to communicate with businesses via text messages, try this on for size: Google recently implemented a “Message” feature on its Google My Business pages. What does this mean for your dealership?   In the past, when consumers searched a business on a mobile device, they were presented with a map with some user-friendly buttons such as directions, click-to-call, etc. But now, for businesses that choose to turn it on, Google will provide consumers with the option to text the business. Once consumers get used to using it, I’ll get usage will skyrocket. If the most popular search engine by far and largest advertising platform believes adding texting capabilities to its platform is what consumers want, this is a pretty big wake-up call for us all.   While I love the idea of Google’s Message service, I do see a problem with it. Texts sent via this service go to individual cell phones. Sure, as a dealer you can set up as many cell phones as you want for customers to text to. But there is currently no way I know of for you to memorialize those text conversation in your CRM, other than manually notating it. And, as I am sure you are aware, a customer’s cell phone number is gold when it comes to data, functionality and efficient communication. Lacking this data and conversations in your CRM would be a huge h***. If anyone out there knows of a solution to this I would love to hear about it!  My bet is that vendors and OEMs will certainly pay attention to this development by Google, as Google certainly keeps on top on what consumer’s demand. So, keep a look out for a solution soon that efficiently memorializes these text conversations in your CRM – that will be a great addition as far as tracking the consumer’s path to the sale. I strongly believe consumers will soon be using this service (assuming you turn it on and set it up). And, as more and more consumer use this method of communication through Google, if your dealership does not allow this type of functionality, you may well find you are missing prime opportunities which go to competitors which do offer it.   Text messaging isn’t going away. As a form of communication it’s only going to get more popular. Flip the “on” switch and be there when they reach out. Your customers will appreciate it and you’ll be able to more efficiently communicate with your customers – a win-win in my opinion. See More

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ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer shares why all dealerships are texting customers already - whether they know it or not - and why it's important to be compliant and control the…

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ELEAD1ONE partner Bill Wittenmyer explains the difference between a dealership having a Business Development Center versus a Business Follow-Up Center.

#FreebieFridays - Being the Most Obvious Choice


In this Freebie Friday quick tip for Automotive Dealers, ELEAD1ONE Partner Bill Wittenmyer talks about how to get ahead in dealership sales and in life by consistently presenting yourself as the obvious…

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