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BREAKING NEWS | 2017 US Women's Car Dealer Report

In today’s competitive marketplace, women buyers are crucial for auto dealer’s success.
The all-inclusive 2017 US Women’s Car Dealer Report shares trends, behaviors, preferences and experiences women have when Purchasing, Shopping and in the Service Drive.

It’s not enough to just ‘know’ women’s habits when purchasing a vehicle at a dealership. ‘Knowing’ doesn’t make a difference.

Dealers that are taking action to market, to engage and to set forth a plan…

Are You Afraid of Change?

Change is something that is critical to your business. If you’re not adapting to the change around you, you’re bound to fall behind the ranks of your competitors!

Join Paul and Ashley on this week’s Think Tank Tuesday as they give you tips and tricks on how to conquer your fear of change in the workplace and in your personal life.…

Customer Focus

Today’s dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars every month to reach new customers and get them inside the dealership doors. A large amount of these funds are spent on newspapers that end up as a floor mat the next day for a birdcage. I’ve seen thousands of dollars spent on service ads, that promote super low price oil changes to drive traffic that will spend nothing on suggested needs…

How much Time are You Wasting Researching Your Inventory

Based on our research, the average Internet Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager, GSM, and or GM spend an hour a day checking out the competition. Sure, an hour a day doesn’t seem to be too long when it comes to understanding the current market place, but what if you have 3 sales managers, 1 Internet Manager, 1 inventory manager, 1 GSM, and 1 GM, you can see the amount of time that is spent each day adds up.

Also, you must consider the amount of information you can truly find by…

Sometimes you should say what you will not do to make a sale

I will never forget selling vehicles online in the 80's.  After three years, I had my own advertising, my own customer base, my own phone pops, set my own hours, and got paid on everything.  Although most of my inquiries began online or with a phone call, I had the highest gross average in the store.


ADM Professional Community Videos

Progressive Retail Episode 25 - Training Circle


On today’s show Cory highlights the 7 Circles of High Profit High Volume Internet Sales Success, emphasizing the Training Circle. Cory's weekly show on CBT…

Progressive Retail Episode 22 Circle of Coaching


On today’s show Cory discusses the Coaching Circle as part of the 7 circles of internet sales success. Cory's weekly show on CBT Automotive News. Original…

Merry Christmas 2016


Kim Clouse makes the Mini from 2009 come alive at Christmas for Ralph

*The Recruiter* Episode 6 What is the Job Seeker Really Looking For? How to

Thumbnail The "soft Skills" that job and Career seekers are truly looking for. Appreciation for effort and results, a…

Cory Mosley - Progressive Retail Episode 20 Circle of Engagement


On today's show Cory targets Internet Sales at Dealerships, providing positive action steps through the 7 Circles of High Profit Cory's weekly show on CBT…

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New Safety Features in 2017 Car Models That Redefined Driving as We Know it

Just recently, devices such as the cruise control, air bags, and lap seat belts, were the trending novelties with regards to car safety features.
Unfortunately, auto accidents still happen even with the presence of these high-end safety features. When involved in a car…

How to Capture More Revenue Without Much Effort

One of the advantages of Pre-Paid Maintenance Programs (PPM) is that they span the generational gaps. Regardless of which generation consumers happen to be in, none of them like surprise repairs, or other expenses. That’s why dealers focus on payments – and not price – when selling cars.


Consumers want…

Automotive Parts Manager – Spirit Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Spirit Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM – Automotive Parts Manager



Come on – Does Video REALLY sell cars?

Technology has drastically changed the way businesses and auto dealers operate.
Hey, think about it. It was not too far in the distant past that we did just about everything via fax machine. Leads came in, financing was secured and, well, just about everything was via fax.



Blog Posts

Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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Youtube & CPA related most important question.

I want to promote cpa offers via youtube.Most of the methods I found are same.People make video for one cpa offer and use fake view to rank the video.But I want to rank the video naturally.That's why I decide to make some Marketing automation video for one youtube video.But I donot know how much video is…

FCA's plan to add stores riles dealers

Fiat Chrysler's plan to add about 380 dealerships to its U.S. network of around 2,500 stores has run into opposition from dealers who say the move is a threat to their existing businesses.

Some have complained to state authorities, two citing a proposed FCA store in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner, La., that would be built on a vacant lot hemmed in by a massive swamp on one side and Lake Pontchartrain on another. The problem, local dealers say, is that three…

Honda, Hitachi form JV to develop, make electric motors

Honda Motor Co., aiming to make electrified vehicles account for two-thirds of its global sales by 2030, agreed today to form a joint venture with Japanese supplier Hitachi Automotive Systems to develop, produce and sell the motors that make those vehicles run.

The company, to be established in July, will be 51 percent owned by Hitachi Automotive Systems and 49 percent owned by Honda. The partners are investing 5 billion yen ($44.5 million) in the project. The joint venture does not…

Does anyone here use Payment Streams?

Hey Guys,

I have been working with a finance company called CAR Financial. They offer something called PIPP for in house finance notes.

Basically they offer an advance on your clients monthly payments. They advance you 82% of client payments (6months worth)Social Media analytics video…

Two new Think With Google studies with lots of insights for dealers.

Two new interesting studies to take a look at from Google that were released this week:…

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via Twitter
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Hannah Whittenly posted a blog post

Hannah Whittenly posted a blog post

Chips in the Windshield: What to Do When It Happens to You

You may not think much of a pebble or some other small piece of debris hitting your windshield. However, if it leaves a chip in the glass, it will need to be looked at and replaced as soon as possible. Here are some steps that you should you take if you notice a chip or other blemish in your windshield?Take the Car to a Repair Shop QuicklyIf you notice the chip during business hours, you should take the car to a body shop or to a glass repair service center, such as Martin Glass Co, as soon as possible. You may also be able to call for a remote glass repair service to come to your location. If you notice the chip overnight or otherwise outside of normal business hours, you may want to drop it off at a repair shop where it can be looked at first thing the next morning.Keep the Car in a Temperate EnvironmentIn the event that you are forced to keep your car overnight or for several hours before you can have it looked at, make sure to keep it in a temperate environment. Keeping it outside in the cold or in a cold garage could cause the glass to expand and contract. This may turn a small chip into a large crack. At that point, you may not be able to drive the vehicle safely.What Happens if the Glass Breaks While Driving?Typically, the glass should remain in one piece while you drive it to the repair shop. However, if the glass does break (either due to the crack getting bigger or because the incident happened while driving), the first thing that you should do is pull over to the side of the road. You should then call for either emergency help if you are hurt or call a tow truck to take to a repair shop.File an Insurance Claim to Recoup the Cost of Replacing Your WindshieldYour auto insurance policy should cover the cost of having your windshield either repaired or replaced. In some cases, the company who makes the fix will be able to work with your insurance provider to get paid for services rendered.If your windshield has chips in it, you should have the glass fixed right away. Otherwise, you could put yourself and anyone else riding in the vehicle in danger of getting hurt or worse. Most repair shops will allow you to make payments if you can't afford the cost of service when it is rendered.See More

John Sternal posted a blog post

John Sternal posted a blog post

Michigan Lessees Prefer Foreign Cars to Domestic Cars

Of the lease vehicle being exchanged on 91.2% of lease transfers exiting Michigan are domestic vehicles93.7% of lease transfers entering Michigan are foreign vehiclesHere are some other additional trends that has identified: The Southeastern region of the country imports the fewest luxury vehicle leases from elsewhere in the countryThe Mid-Atlantic region sees the highest average entering monthly payment at $874.65 a monthThe majority of Volkswagen vehicles are transferred from California to New YorkRhode Island has the lowest exiting average monthly payment at $201.35 a monthWould you be interested in an interview with’s Executive Vice President, Scot Hall who could discuss these and other trends with you? About in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace and the pioneer in facilitating lease transfers online. More specifically matches individuals who want to get out of their lease with people who are looking for short-term lease agreements. Prospective buyers can search the listings for the exact vehicle they want, and then register for a nominal fee, allowing them to use’s safe online system to contact the prospective seller and close the deal. For more information about or how to exit your lease early, call 866-SWAPNOW or visit More

Rahul Paul posted a blog post

Rahul Paul posted a blog post

New Safety Features in 2017 Car Models That Redefined Driving as We Know it

Just recently, devices such as the cruise control, air bags, and lap seat belts, were the trending novelties with regards to car safety features. Unfortunately, auto accidents still happen even with the presence of these high-end safety features. When involved in a car collision, consider hiring a car accident lawyer to assist with recovery of losses and with legal paperwork. Your attorney will help you discover how you can handle your car insurance company as well as gather evidence essential for your case. However, having your car equipped with automated technologies such as self-parking and autonomous cruise control mitigates the risk of being involved in fatal traffic accidents. Read on to learn about the most recent car safety features.Lane Keeping AssistBased on NHTSA's statistics, at least 37% of all road fatalities in the U.S, result from automobiles veering off the road. The primary purpose of the Lane Keeping Assist Technology is alerting the driver when the system detects a deviation of the car from the right traffic lane. Besides, this mechanism works conjointly with Radar Cruise Control, to assist drivers steer and stay on course when driving. Lane Keeping Assist system uses a camera, which identifies the lines on the different types of roads and helps keep within these lines.  Automatic ParkingParking a car remains a nerve-wracking experience for some drivers, especially when you have to squeeze into tight spots. Based on research, about 14% of all car collisions that cause damage happen in parking lots. The inclusion of rear-view cameras has enabled more drivers to park their automobiles safely. However, these rear-view cameras are not entirely reliable in preventing the occurrence of parking lot collisions. The invention of automatic parking feature has proven more efficient in improving one's safety when parking. With this feature, you only need to pull up to the vehicle in front of the open area. The car then utilizes its cameras and radar to park into the open spot. The 2017 Toyota Prius comes with Intelligent Parking Assist while the Lexus LS has a self-parking mode.   Adaptive Cruise ControlIt is a more sophisticated cruise control system, designed to control your car's speed automatically. This form of regulation is essential in maintaining a safe following distance. The mechanism makes use of special radar, usually installed at the back of a vehicle's grille. The radar works by determining the momentum and distance of the car in front of it. The adaptive cruise control is more efficient than the traditional systems, in that it regulates speed, ensuring a proper distance is maintained between vehicles in the same lane. If the lead car slows down or the radar sensor detects another obstacle, the system transmits a signal to the engine, which activates deceleration.  Electronic Stability Control (ESC)ESC is another new safety gadget, which prevents the occurrence of auto accidents by mitigating the dangers of skidding. The ESC mechanism is activated when a driver loses control. It employs a computer-controlled device to apply individual brakes and bring the vehicle back to the right course.ConclusionThe newest car safety technologies, which include adaptive cruise control and automated parking system, reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents significantly. As such, consider having your automobile installed with these cutting-edge features.See More

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