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Top 7 Queries to Ask When Appointing a Licensed Packers Movers Agency in Bangalore

by rahul singh Start your research with at least 10 companies. Check their credibility on your own. Visit their offices personally or make phone calls to them. Take them into questions in order to ensure they are insured, licensed, registered, experienced, reputed and trustworthy. Avoid go will lowest price quotes as it doesn't guarantee to find the best mover and quality services. Of course you should hire affordable mover for your move as you have minimal budget but you must also keep in mind that mover must be insured, qualified and experienced. You must ensure that the mover will properly match your relocation needs within your budget. You should ask movers for their previous customers' information. Don't forget to cross check references. movers and packers in chandigarh packers and movers in pune packers and movers in hyderabad Narrow down your list excluding those companies that are not registered, insured and experienced. Have at least top three companies in your final elevated to your shortlist list. Invite these three moving companies of Bangalore to your current destination to get in-home estimates. Help to make sure they come to your current place at different times or days and nights. Prove to them your sorted belongings which you really want to transfer to your new place. Don't hide anything. Inquire for binding estimate always. Don't get moving estimates within the phone calls only. You should also secure a written copy. Evaluate these three quotes by yourself. Evaluate and cross check these quotes. Compare services and prices as well. Make final decision smartly to choose the right movers and packers in Bangalore that will flawlessly and flawlessly match your shifting needs at the size of your pocket. You should never go above your budget. I hope this useful article provide you with a fair idea about selecting the most appropriate packers and movers in Bangalore at affordable price.

Hire Right Packers and Movers Bangalore for Easy and Simple Shifting

by rahul singh Either you want to change from one street to another within metropolis of Bangalore or want to shift using this city to another city of Indian or abroad; hiring one of the good quality packers and movers in Bangalore would be a great decision in order to make moving easy and simple. That is but clear that you hire a professional packers and movers company to have hassle-free and tension-free relocation experience. A person hire mover to have safe and on time transportation of your things at your new location door step. You pay your hard-earned money to movers to finish relocation tasks perfectly. Hence it is imperative to seek the services of the right movers and packers in Bangalore to have truly hassle-free and comfortable relocation experience. Presently there are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in the town of Bangalore to choose from. All companies are declaring that they are best lawn mowers of the industry and offering best services for relocation best case scenario & highly competitive price. But it is your responsibility to discover the right mover for your home shift. You must to research work with some of good quality or recommended companies before selecting the one. Below are a few helpful tips which might help you select the right Packers and Movers Bangalore at best price. packers and movers in bangalore movers and packers in hyderabad The first thing you need to do is making a set of top quality moving companies of Bangalore. This can be done easily by getting tips from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors who have earlier used the services of professional movers and packers in Bangalore for their different relocation and shifting needs. You can also take benefit of online portals. There are several online sites that delivers a set of good quality moving companies of Bangalore. Such portals can also provide you free quotes. You can also search online to find information about good Bangalore moving companies as you know well that internet is the greatest source to gather information about anything in the world. An individual can also undergo commercials published at your local newspapers, yellowpages or magazines. Whatever source you favor, the primary thing to do is creating a set of good quality packers and movers companies of Bangalore to start out your research with.

Key and Car Tracking logo

by David Whitt Eliminate the wait for your customers to test drive a car!

Power Minute 10

by Kris Rosychuk Gen Y is comprised of the single largest generation in U.S. history, encompassing some 80 million people. What does this mean to today's retailers? Watch brief video:

Power Minute Video 9

by Kris Rosychuk April retail sales grew 49K units over last year, slightly better than forecast. What will this mean for the month of May? Watch brief video:

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Are You a Game Changer?

There are normally three types of team members on an organization’s payroll: caretakers, playmakers, and game changers. The behaviors associated with each category go beyond skills or talent; they are primarily mindset issues that determine how well the skills and talent of an individual will be applied.

While these characteristics can typify any position, this article will focus on helping you to evaluate yourself and the other leaders on your team. I have included a partial…

Whose money is it, anyway?

   Mr. / Mrs. Dealer, remember when you were the green pea in this wonderful business? When I first started selling cars, my sales manager was a retired British officer. "Dot your I's and cross your bloody T's", Jack would bellow. He knew Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator, when he was a Lieutenant (Pronounced Left-tenant). He told me the story of Gaddafi demanding air conditioning units installed in their barracks in the otherwise holes in the walls. So, the British Army…

Google. Apple. Microsoft: Tech Companies Building Cars

I frequently talk about the current industry disrupters taking sales from dealers – the Beepis, Vrooms and Carvanas, amongst others. These companies snuck up on dealers and, with little warning, jumped into the spotlight and sucked investors into a future Nirvana of car buying bliss. They are currently blasting feel good messages to consumers portraying car dealerships as inconvenient -- pushing a message of an easy buying experiences which, unsurprisingly, consumers (and investors) have…

Build Your Brand With Social Selling Part I

Part I: Social Selling and Your Bottom Line

There’s serious hype about social selling in every industry, but do you know what it means for your dealership?  Do you know how it can impact your sales, your employee engagement, and ultimately your bottom line?

If not, it’s time to take a look.  There are several ways social selling can dramatically impact your dealership, and in Part I of this 3-part series, you’ll gain insights that will help you…

Using the Socratic Selling Method

Can you guess what the most common complaint about sales people is, from both customers and sales managers alike?

It's this; sales people simply talk too much. And since many of us do indeed talk too much, what do you think the second most frequent complaint we hear about sales people would be? It's…

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Turn A Setback Into A Comeback - Work On Yourself Wednesday


Turn A Setback Into A Comeback Work On Yourself Wednesday Season 6, Episode 4 We all love a good comeback story! Watch more videos…

Review Or Referral?- Work On Yourself Wednesday


Has the paradigm changed? Is the review now more powerful than the referral?

Stop Keeping Yourself A Secret- Work On Yourself Wednesday


Can people find you? And once they do, are they glad they did?

How to use Google User Explorer


Google's User Explorer lets us identify individual users by client ID and isolate data. That way, we can evaluate the user and identify the path that they're taking so we can better personalize the experience for them.

You can also create segments to narrow down users who performed a certain action or engaged with specific content. From these…

How to Maximize the SEO Value of Website Videos


Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion, shares tips on how to maximize the SEO value of your video content.

Do You Have a High Quality Product or Service for Car Dealers?


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Auction Buzz


" I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member" Groucho Marx.


If my hunch is right, I've…

Is Your Campaign Compatible?

Are you testing your emails before you send them?

More than 80% of the population use smartphone and other mobile devices. Over 60% of people…

Dangerous Recalls May be Leaving your Service Lane Unrepaired

In my last few blogs, I’ve discussed how to handle recall customers and why dealers should embrace them rather than be afraid of them. We’ve also reviewed new and used car recalls, along with the applicable laws and consequences for any failure to comply. The one area I haven’t yet discussed is recalls in your service…

The Writing Is On the (Facebook) Wall but May Not Be for Long

Words, both written and spoken, have been the primary form of communication for centuries. We use them to share news and stories, comfort loved ones and to connect with long distance friends.


Then along came social media, which almost instantly transformed…

Today’s successful Used Car Dealers are spending their money in the right places

Used car dealers today have to be digitally charged in their marketing.

What we mean by this is digital marketing, Internet marketing has to be at the forefront of advertising. Content driven information, it’s not just the lowest price advertised. Consumers…

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Car Dealer Resource Links for Automotive Professionals

Automotive Industry Online Resources for Car Dealers and Automotive Professionals

Listed Below are several groups of useful and important links

for Automotive Professionals and Car Dealers seeking to improve

business operations, marketing and sales for new and used vehicles,

service, repairs, parts and accessories...…


Posted by Ralph Paglia on February 18, 2010 at 5:10pm


Intelligent Lead Routing; What Is It?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to review leads prior to assigning those leads to a salesperson?If so, and if you are a sales manager who cares about increasing sales, you most likely looked at the characteristics of each lead before deciding which salesperson to assign that…Continue

Tags: Lead Routing, Internet Sales Manager, Internet Leads, Intelligent Lead Routing, Assigning Leads

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Lead Management Dec 7, 2010.

Internet Sales Managers; What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

We would like to hear from some ISM's out there about what it is like being an Internet Sales Manager today and What is the Biggest Challenge You Have Faced Lately?

Tags: Lately, You Have Faced, Biggest Challenge, What is, Internet Sales Managers

Started by Ralph Paglia in Internet Sales Department Aug 3, 2010.

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Customer Uses the F-Word and We Cried

When a customer uses the F-word in a conversation with a brand, it's generally to vent some frustration. And when it happens, the support team gets really sad, sometimes to the point of tears -

4 Ways to Speed Up Your Automated Workflow

Automated workflow processes are a fantastic way to increase efficiency and spend your time doing more important things than checking with Frank for the third time today whether he got the paper service request that you filed last week -

Who’s at Fault for the Talent Shortage in Automotive Sales?

Rarely do I come across a dealer today who claims to have a sufficient number of vehicle sales personnel. When adding the word “quality” to “vehicle sales personnel”, the dealers’ claims of staffing success turn pretty ugly. Why is it so difficult to attract quality people for automotive sales positions?

Several years ago, I was working with a client in Southern California and conducting one of my rare sales training meetings. The subject of the meeting was Developing…

Common Pitfalls of Workflow Automation

Think automation is easy? Think again. Here are three ways it can screw up your systems -

Used car BDC...BDA's or cradle to grave?

Any thought's on modern best practices for used car dealerships? We are getting about 4300 internet leads a month. Cant say how many calls, we cant keep track and the guys usually log them as fresh ups instead of phone ups. Currently, the sales people get leads assigned to them. But most cannot craft appropriate emails responses and many leads don't even get called. A conventional BDC would be difficult just due to lack of space.

So...we are throwing around different ideas. Try to…

dealerELITE Latest Activity

Alexia E Henson posted a blog post

Alexia E Henson posted a blog post

How Two Birds with One Stone Protects Your Investment

Have you ever considered targeting your sales and service customers simultaneously? Try placing a service offer in with your next sales mailer. I promise you’ll be happy with the results.Service has become a highly competitive market. Shops now exist on practically every street corner. It’s hard to find a conquest customer who is willing to drive more than five blocks for service, which makes mailing more than five miles out from your dealership a huge gamble. But where there’s no risk, there’s no great reward either.To be smarter with your marketing dollar, include a service insert with your sales mailer. Target customers for both sides of the business—and you can target service customers farther out without putting a lot of money at risk.Take a look at the numbers: A solo conquest service mailer runs anywhere from 79 to 94 cents or more without factoring in the cost of the conquest data. By contrast, an insert for service added to a sales mailer can ride for only a nickel. So let’s say you plan to mail out a sales mailer of 5,000 pieces. You can add a service insert for just $250— expanding your marketing area for service without putting your budget in jeopardy! A service insert will pay for the cost of your sales mailer 4-6 times over, and every vehicle you sell off the sales mailer is then additional revenue.I’ve seen this work time and time again. Here’s a great example: After much persuasion, a dealer that I do a lot of business with decided to give this a try, although he was hesitant at first. Well, two months later, he called in to request another sales mailer. He had forgotten our previous conversation and told me, “I just want to let you know… I don’t do sales mailers without a service insert.” I chuckled a bit as I got the rest of the details for his new mailer. Of course, I didn’t remind him the service insert was my idea in the first place.Doubling up your sales and service mailers is a cost-effective strategy, but it doesn’t mean you should start sending them out every other week. Here’s how to hit the sweet spot: target your customers just the right amount—mail them information frequently enough that they are paying attention but not so much that they shut you off and stop taking your offers seriously. To avoid oversaturating your customers with marketing messages, touch them each with a targeted communication every 90 days.One last point on this: Don’t just slap a service offer at the bottom of your sales mailer and merge them together as one piece. These are two entirely different messages with different expiration dates. When you combine them, a customer has to keep the sales mailer just for the service coupon. This is a huge hassle, as the sales mailer offer is usually only active for 3-4 days while a service coupon is good for around 30-60 days. You don’t want your sales and service mailers to compete and take validity away from one another. Instead, hit customers with both items separately in the same mailer. With this strategy, you can target conquest customers who have never done business with your dealership before, which helps to expand your market in both sales and service. These customers may not be in the market for a new vehicle just yet, but perhaps they’re due for an oil change, or vice versa. In any scenario, you’ll end up with two opportunities instead of just one—at a fraction of the cost of running two separate mail campaigns.See More

Erik S. Nachbahr posted a blog post

Erik S. Nachbahr posted a blog post

Helion Technologies Receives Partner Certification from ShoreTel, a Leading Unified Communications Solution for Auto Dealers

Timonium, MD – June 27th, 2016-- Helion Automotive Technologies announced today it has received a UCSE Tier 1 Support Certification from ShoreTel, a leading provider of business telephony and Unified Communications (UC) solutions. As a certified ShoreTel partner, Helion is authorized to work with auto dealers to design, program and implement custom UC systems, provide support for day-to-day operations and perform high-level troubleshooting. "More than half of car shoppers use mobile devices in their search for a vehicle, which in recent years has led to a significant increase in the volume of phone calls coming into dealerships," said Erik Nachbahr, President of Helion. "ShoreTel's UC platform offers an affordable, state-of-the-art solution that supports auto dealers' efforts to improve phone processes and call handling."  ShoreTel's UC system offers business application integration, collaboration tools, reporting and call center applications that contribute to increased workplace productivity and employee communications. ShoreTel Connect is a collaboration tool that enables instant communication between employees across multiple devices, from computers to phones and tablets. Similar in function to instant messaging, Connect shows personnel the availability state of other employees, so they can see if someone is on a phone call, away from their desk or out of the office. Personnel can use Connect to send notifications and ask questions, increasing responsiveness to customers and greatly reducing incidents of phone tag. Connect is integrated with Microsoft's Active Directory, Exchange and Office, so employees can tap seamlessly into the power of collaboration with no extra effort. ShoreTel's custom Call Flow design options allow dealers to adapt the system to their individual phone processes. Call flow defines rules such as which phone numbers ring into different areas of the dealership, how many times the phone rings before it goes to voice mail or gets routed elsewhere, and what happens to phone calls after hours. "Call flow is one of the most important, yet overlooked technology features in auto dealerships today," said Nachbahr. "When customers are placed on hold, 62% will hang up within the first minute, so proper call handling is critical. Many dealers don't have a thorough understanding of how their inbound calls get routed, how long wait times are and what the resulting impact is on the customer experience." Helion's advanced technical support team is experienced in mapping custom call flow solutions for auto dealers that improve call handling and customer resolution for a greater percentage of inbound calls. Additionally, ShoreTel's UC system includes the following features: Visual voicemail allows employees to access and listen to their voicemails via email, eliminating the need to call into a phone system and greatly increasing responsiveness to customers and fellow employees. Find Me allows users to control where their phone calls get routed when away from their desk. If the phone rings at an employee's desk and doesn't get picked up, the system will try calling a couple other numbers such as a cell phone or another extension. Call reporting provides dealers with helpful insight into their call handling performance. Reports deliver data such as the number of calls into sales, service, parts or the BDC, as well as the number of missed calls. Dealers can use this information to determine whether they are properly staffed or if their call flow mapping is working. Auto attendant ensures that all calls get routed to the proper department, freeing up the operator/receptionist to spend more time interacting with in-person customers and delivering better customer service to phone customers. "The ShoreTel system offers dealers a lot of visibility into how calls are handled, where their calls are going and what their weak points and strengths are," said Nachbahr. "It's also flexible and adaptable, allowing changes to be made to the system very quickly without a lot of complicated programming." For more information contact Helion at 443-541-1500 or visit About Helion Automotive Technologies Helion...Putting Your Dealership in the FAST LANE! Helion Automotive Technologies is a leading IT solutions provider, providing auto dealers with faster, more efficient networks and secure data protection. From managed services to IT assistance and service desk help, Helion offers both short-term IT fixes and long-term planning so dealers can focus on what matters most: selling more cars. Helion has specialized in IT for more than ten years and works with 650+ auto dealers nationwide. Dealers can request a free assessment of their IT needs at More

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Michael Thomas posted a blog post

Michael Thomas posted a blog post

Measuring ROI of Digital Marketing in Automotive

Digital ad spending in the US auto industry has steadily increased over the past few years, and this increase in spend is expected to continue. According to eMarketer, the US auto industry is expected to see a 16.3% increase in digital ad spending in 2016, increasing from $7.30 billion in 2015 to $8.49 billion in 2016. This means the automotive industry now ranks second in the United States in terms of digital ad spending, behind only the retail industry (US Auto Industry Ahead of the Pack). Much of this increase in digital spend is happening at the local level, coming right from dealerships rather than the OEM.A changing landscapeAs automotive dealer networks and owners increase their interest and spend in the digital space, the need to effectively measure the true ROI of digital marketing campaigns has significantly increased. The days of simply using intermediate metrics, such as leads and digital shopping actions, to measure the effectiveness of a campaign are coming to an end. Dealers want their digital marketing efforts to move metal on their lot. They are looking to their agencies and partners to prove that with solid analytics that connect the actions users are taking online to the actions they are taking offline, such as the actual purchase of a vehicle. This need has caused analysts, strategists and other digital marketers to look for ways to make that connection.Some of the key playersSeveral companies, such as Epsilon, Nielsen, comScore and BlueKai have introduced products to help with this need in various different industries. However, none have seen the level of success in the auto industry that Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) has seen. With an exclusive partnership with Polk and its vast data-set of vehicle owners, Oracle Data Cloud is able to help OEMs, agencies, and publishers in the auto industry directly tie delivered impressions in the digital space to vehicle sales on car lots. This is allowing digital marketers and data analysts to measure success based on actual sales lifts, as well as other metrics such as cost per vehicle sold. OEMs and dealers have never been closer to measuring true ROI in the digital space than they are now. This shift in measuring digital ad effectiveness is changing the way data analysts in the auto industry report campaign success, and is drastically changing the conversations that marketing service providers are having with their clients.Not a perfect science….yetThis measurement process is still relatively new, in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, there are still improvements that need to be made. Many times, the sales lift of the exposed group (those in-market digital shoppers that actually viewed an advertisers’ online ad) is measured against a control group of users who were not exposed to ad units, and may not even be a true in-market online auto shopper. So, one could see how the sales lift percentages would be much higher for the exposed group, as you are measuring a true in-market shopper against an internet user who may or may not be in-market for a car or truck. The true value to your auto clients comes when you can show them that the campaigns that you delivered on, caused a larger sales lift than the campaigns delivered by other vendors they are working with, or have worked with in the past. Obviously, this is not always easy to get to, since most marketing service companies don’t readily share their analytics with the industry or competitors. Therefore, industry benchmarks must be adopted and used to determine the true success of a campaign (i.e., what is a good sales lift percentage?). These benchmarks are still being developed and tweaked. It will be interesting and exciting to see how this trend evolves moving forward in 2016 and beyond. In automotive, just like every other industry, the need to connect online actions with offline actions will only continue to increase.Thanks for reading. For more auto data and info, please see my other content on LinkedIn.See More

Tim Clay posted a blog post

Tim Clay posted a blog post

Increasing Service Revenue Is All in the Details

The service department is typically the largest revenue source for a dealership. In some cases, service departments carry the dealership and keep it in the black. Yet, no matter how much revenue a service department brings in, it would be hard to believe there is a single dealer out there that wouldn’t want to see it increase. Manufacturers are certainly pushing dealers to expand their service facilities to increase shop capacity. But what about that dealer that simply can’t afford it, doesn’t have the real estate or simply doesn’t want to make that investment? Well, there is a simple way to guarantee an increase in service revenue -- and it doesn’t require any additional investment – only something that service managers should be doing already. And that is analyzing service declines. The reality is that dealers and service managers both know that money is walking out the door with just about every service customer. You may have the best upsell percentage in the universe but I highly doubt every customer that drives through your service lane is accepting every recommendation you present. There’s always room for improvement and knowing how much service revenue is walking out the door, and which services are being declined, is something that can easily be fixed through a small process change and training of your service advisers. Many dealerships don’t track their declined services at all. Yet just about every DMS has the ability to do it. Why aren’t more dealers and service managers doing it? Perhaps the managers don’t want their dealer to know exactly how much isn’t getting captured. With every open RO, there are service recommendations. In most instances, after presentation to the customer, a service advisor will then proceed to input codes for accepted services to add them to the repair order. The problem is that at many dealerships declined services don’t get codes attached to them, thus erasing their existence. Simply implementing and enforcing a process whereby all recommended services get coded appropriately – whether accepted or declined – will give you the data you need to get hard answers to the big picture of how much revenue is leaving and which services are being declined. This data can also be broken up by service advisor, for better accountability Let’s look at a few ways in which this data can be useful. If you have a high decline rate on a specific repair, you now have the ability to analyze reasons. Perhaps you’re pricing yourself out of the market. Your customers have smartphones and can easily price shop your service costs -- just as we know they do when buying a vehicle. Adjusting the price to be more competitive could help capture more of that specific repair work. In the same scenario, perhaps your overall acceptance rate is average, but you find that you have one specific advisor that has a very high decline rate. Now you can consult with the advisor and try to diagnose the problem. Perhaps that the advisor simply needs more knowledge of the repair and its importance so that they can more effectively relay that information to your customer.By contrast, maybe you have one service advisor who is spectacular at capturing a certain type of repair.  Now you can talk with this employee, discover the secret to their success and then share those tactics or strategies with their fellow advisors, thus helping them all be more successful. If you know how much total revenue is leaving your service department and can also break down those declined services by repair type and by advisor, you should be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of both the department and your team. With this knowledge you’ll be able to streamline your process, adjust pricing, analyze strengths and weaknesses of service advisors when it comes to recommendation upsells, and increase service revenue. All without expanding or hiring more technicians.   See More

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